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Information on how to be involved in Menlo Park?

From: domainremoved <Mary>
Date: Wed, 29 Jun 2016 11:17:06 -0700

I am giving a lesson in a women's group for my church and I wanted to find
out what an average citizen can do to help give back to their community and
be more involved. It's not enough to say you love your city, country, etc;
show it! What are ways we as a people help our cities, country, counties
out? What avenues do you recommend? Are there some phamplets or information
that I can stop by and pick up?

I'm near Burgess Park so I can stop by tomorrow to pick up any phamplets
you might have at the city office.
Thanks for any help you can provide in your busy schedules!

Best Regards,

Mary Salmon
Received on Wed Jun 29 2016 - 11:23:22 PDT

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