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Spiffing up Fremont Park

From: domainremoved <Cherie>
Date: Tue, 14 Jun 2016 13:40:29 -0700

Dear City Council Members,

The annual Menlo Park summer arts and crafts faire is coming up next month.
Traditionally, Fremont Park has been a lovely place--the only expanse of green grass in our downtown--where people gathered and sat on the grass with their children, to listen to the various bands, and enjoy the afternoon.

Now, unfortunately, Fremont Park is an eyesore instead of the charming suburban park it once was.

I realize this has been one of our drier years, but the San Francisquito Creek under the bridge leading to Stanford, which some years dried out by early May, this year had water in it through the first week of June.

My proposal: Water the grass! Remove the ugly tanbark and put in real grass, using grass sods. And remove that ugly Precision Solar Center thing--whatever it is.

Let us enjoy our park this summer.
The world won't come to an end.

You say you want to beautify our city. You say you want vibrancy. If you leave the tanbark there, no one will sit on it. Fewer people will be drawn to our Arts and Crafts Faire. They will leave sooner. They won't come back next year.
This event is the biggest party in our city all year, and attracts people from all over. Why not make it nice? Why not roll out the green carpet?

And not that ugly, plastic stuff the city threw down on Chestnut Street. Real grass.

You spend money on things like updating the city's logo, luxurious staff retreats, and expensive new carpeting for staff offices--how about doing something nice for us residents, and making our city a gracious host of our summer Arts and Crafts Faire, once the glorious Connoisseur's Marketplace.


Cherie Zaslawsky
Received on Tue Jun 14 2016 - 13:46:02 PDT

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