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Drone at Bedwell Bayfront Park

From: Chris MacIntosh <"Chris>
Date: Thu, 12 May 2016 21:50:14 -0700

Dear councilors,


One of our local birders this week posted an email, concerning drone use at
Bedwell Bayfront Park, to the San Mateo county birding email list (commonly
referred to as "PenBirds)".


Here is the link and relevant extract.



Date: 5/11/16 9:15 am
From: Peter Metropulos <pjmetrop...> [peninsula-birding]
Subject: [pen-bird] PIGEON POINT,5/8/16 and BEDWELL BAYFRONT PARK,5/9/16

On May 9 I stopped off at BEDWELL BAYFRONT PARK for a pre-work birding
session. <removed list of birds>
Why are people allowed to fly model airplanes and drones at Bedwell Bayfront
Park ?????I watched one fellow operating a Bald Eagle drone ! The local
birds went crazy when it circled overhead, with nesting avocets(from the
nearby National Wildlife Refuge) rising up to attack the drone while they
uttered distress calls. How can you citizens of MENLO PARK allow this
harassment of wildlife to take place in your own community ??????????

Peter Metropulos



I and the other board members of Friends of Bedwell Bayfront Park see this
observation as underlining the urgency of the need for a ban on these craft
at the park, and of enforcing it. We hope you will agree and soon take


Thank you.


Chris MacIntosh

Received on Thu May 12 2016 - 21:56:58 PDT

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