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Parking citations downtown MP

From: Lisa Dettmer <"Lisa>
Date: Sat, 7 May 2016 05:39:06 -0700


I am paying a parking citation#45003845, but I wanted to send an email to
you to express my frustration with the city of Menlo Park. I am an Atherton
resident who should be doing my shopping, banking, dry cleaning, going out
to lunches and dinners, etc. in Menlo Park. However, every time I go to
lunch in MP, I get a parking citation. Once it was for parking a little too
far away from the curb, several times for being just moments past on my
meter, and this most recent one-I was parked in a space, but I was parked a
little too far forward (because the car behind me was parked a little too
far forward) and the front of my car was outside the marked space. I'm not
sure why there was an area of white between my car and the space in front of
me, so when I got out of the car I didn't notice that I wasn't exactly
between the marked space. I am paying the fine, but my point is that I feel
very sorry for MP downtown businesses, because in the town's rush to collect
parking fines, it has sacrificed business for all of your merchants. I will
not go to any downtown MP restaurant for lunch and I will not do my errands
there, because it is literally the only place that I get parking citations.


Concerned Atherton Resident,


Lisa Dettmer
Received on Sat May 07 2016 - 05:45:35 PDT

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