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Fwd: Bike lanes and el Camino

From: domainremoved <Skip>
Date: Tue, 3 May 2016 18:47:53 -0700

Respected City Council Members:

I understand that the City Council will review the El Camino Traffic Study
tonight. If I am unable to attend I would like to share my thoughts on
this issue. I do not bike commute in Menlo Park but I do ride for
recreation and my children "commute" to school in town.

1. ECR does not seem like a safe N-S route for bikes. We have great
existing N-S bike commute routes in Alma and San Mateo, both with bridges
over San Francisquito creek. We can make these better with a Caltrain
underpass at Middle Ave (Stanford's 500 ECR project) and extension of
Garwood lane to connect Oak Grove and Encial (Greenheart's 1300 ECR

2. Traffic is already bad on ECR during commute times, and it will only
increase as the 2 projects mentioned above are completed. We should
anticipate that we will need all 3 lanes of ECR for better in/out access
for cars along ECR to enter and exit these properties. Bike lanes
(dedicated or temporary) on ECR will further restrict traffic, and more
importantly create vehicle incursions of the bike lanes from these
properties which will be MORE dangerous for bikers, pedestrians and

3. We need better E-W connectivity across ECR in our town, for bikes and
pedestrians. I believe this is one of the defining goals of the Specific
Plan. With a focus on E-W vs. N-S bike routes in Menlo Park, we will
achieve this goal and at the same time create safe routes to school and
connect the various N-S bike corridors that already exist. We should
improve those also.

4. We need to fix the bottleneck at ECR and Ravenswood with a right turn
lane. I understand we may lose a 5-10 heritage trees that are located
close to the roadway. This seems anathema to "Tree City USA". But if we
do not sacrifice a few trees for this improvement we will become "Traffic
City, USA". Sometimes it comes down to Trees vs. Less Traffic. I choose
Less Traffic and lets relocate and replant the trees.

5. Cut through traffic is going to increase if we restrict flow on ECR. I
understand that adding lanes to ECR may "induce" more traffic that can
actually slow transit times. We need to see this in action before we can
pass final judgement on the impact. If Council determines the need for
bikes on ECR then we should opt for painted sharrows and other temporary
measures that can be reversed if significant bike usage does not ensue.

Skip Hilton
148 Dunsmuir Way
Menlo Park, CA
Received on Tue May 03 2016 - 18:53:43 PDT

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