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Bike Lanes on El Camino

From: domainremoved <Stephen>
Date: Tue, 3 May 2016 16:22:51 -0500

Dear Council Members,

I have been following all the plans for El Camino. I understand you are talking about Bike Lanes tonight.

I have been riding bikes actively for 65 years. I believe I am a very experienced and safe bike rider. Yet I go to various detours to keep from riding on El Camino. That said I have ridden quite a bit on that street when there is no alternative.

I think bike lanes on El Camino is a very bad idea for 4 reasons:

1) No amount of painted striping will make that street safe for bicyclists. There will always be lots of cars and they will always be in a hurry.

2) Placing a physical barrier between the cars and the bicyclists will not totally alleviate the problem. You still have intersections, driveways and the like that have to be kept clear. There will still always be lots of cars and they will always be in a hurry.

3) Thinking about taking a lane from El Camino for any reason is not a good idea. There is no place for "north-south" cars to go. Middlefield is already congested and has school on it. The Alameda is already congested and has schools on it. (And you do not even want to get me started on traffic circles at Atherton Avenue and an additional traffic light at Camino El Lago.)

4) Our emergency responders already have challenges making their required response times given the traffic situations in our areas. Decreasing lanes on El Camino is not going to make cars go somewhere else when there is no where else to go.

So please reject the idea. Make bike lanes somewhere on either side of El Camino with some thing that extends the nice routes along Alma or through the neighborhood on the west side.

Thank you,

Stephen Nachtsheim
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Received on Tue May 03 2016 - 14:29:23 PDT

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