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Train horn noise...

From: domainremoved <Julie>
Date: Mon, 2 May 2016 16:37:30 -0700

Many of us in Menlo Park would like to address the topic of train horn
noise. We realize it's federally mandated but we also know that both Palo
Alto and Atherton are working toward establishing quiet areas. Given that
there are 4 crossings in or near Menlo Park, we suffer from more noise than
our neighboring towns. And because of the ever-increasing cost of housing
it's impossible for many of us to move away from the noise.

Noise pollution is becoming as big a problem in our lives as any other kind
of pollution. I've heard from people that the train noise disrupts their
children's sleep. I've also heard the decibel level can actually affect
peoples' hearing. And I personally haven't slept thru the night since
moving here. The first train is between 4 and 5AM and the last one near
midnight, not counting the freight train. Regardless, it's too loud, too
inconsistent and has a negative impact on our quality of life. Let's not
just resign ourselves to this problem.

I hope you receive this before tonight's meeting as I will be unable to
attend and feel strongly that something be done about this problem as soon
as possible.
Thank you.
Julianna Robertson
Received on Mon May 02 2016 - 16:44:26 PDT

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