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Support for bike routes

From: domainremoved <Julie>
Date: Mon, 2 May 2016 14:03:21 -0700

Dear City Council Members and Staff,

It is wonderful to see the city move forward with the Oak Grove Bicycle
Boulevard, which will create an important safe route to several area
schools. Thank you for working with local schools, businesses and the
Bicycle Commission to improve our bicycle infrastructure!

At the same time, please continue to move forward with the planned bicycle
route pilot *and** pedestrian safety upgrades *for the El Camino Real
corridor, by directing staff to develop this project as quickly as
possible. Please support the safest designs available to protect the
hundreds of people walking and bicycling on El Camino Real every day.

As staff coordinate with Atherton and Palo Alto to improve bicycle route
connectivity and safety, Menlo Park should continue to move the project
forward collaboratively but without being delayed by our neighbors. Adding
safe bike lanes to El Camino will reduce traffic congestion and the
pollution that comes with it, and create a more pleasant and safer
experience for people who are walking and biking. The safe bike lanes will
also give a boost to local businesses, making it easier to visit local
shops and run errands downtown.

Please vote to move ahead as quickly as possible with the El Camino bike
lane pilot, creating a bike-friendly, vibrant downtown that serves everyone.


Julie Hilborn

Science and Environmental Science Teacher

Hillview Middle School
Received on Mon May 02 2016 - 14:09:09 PDT

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