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ECR Traffic

From: domainremoved <Rjporter7_at_>
Date: Mon, 2 May 2016 16:06:58 -0400

I am witting this note to let you know that I totally agree with Lee
DuBoc, ECR is much too crowded today to give up a lane for bikes. Thanks for
your consideration and good judgement.
Russ Porter
1100 Sharon Park Dr. #30,
Menlo Park, 94025
Dear City Council,
My thoughts on the ECR decisions you are faced with tonight.
1. Traffic on ECR is horrendous.
2. The issue is of great importance to local citizens and merchants.
3. I believe the bike lobby is effective, but comparatively small. Notice
the number of bike commuters as you travel around.
4. Removing “up to 7 heritage trees—maybe” as the staff report states, is
not a reason to eliminate the planned right-hand turn lane on Ravenswood
northbound. In California, growing and replacing trees is easy.
5. El Camino Real, with its curb cuts and driveways and buses, is
obviously not a safe bike route. There are better north south alternatives. Let’s
find them.
Because this is such an important topic, you might consider putting an
Advisory Initiative on the ballot.
Thanks for listening. Former Council Member, Lee Duboc
Received on Mon May 02 2016 - 13:12:48 PDT

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