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city of menlo park use of leafblowers

From: domainremoved <Sandy>
Date: Mon, 2 May 2016 19:11:29 +0000

  I live near Nealon Park and quite often I encounter a city employee (or perhaps contractor) using a leaf blower to move dirt and dust from the parking spaces and walkways into the mulched areas.
   While I personally believe leaf blowers are not a good solution to the problems faced by landscape management, know there are arguments on both sides of that, and there are thousands of individuals who employ gardeners who would have to agree to change this practice.
   However, what should not be controversial is the CITY using leaf blowers to move dirt and dust from parking spaces and walkways to adjacent mulched landscape. It mostly goes into the air only to settle and be blown somewhere else by the wind. It leaves a visible cloud in the air for at least 2 minutes, and one cannot walk through it without having to cover one’s eyes and mouth. It is noisy and pollutes, not only with particulate matter but with exhaust emissions. This is not controversial and should stop. I seriously cannot believe the City is spending our money to do this. Please stop.
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