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Menlo Park - Water Bill - Charitable Contributions

From: domainremoved <Jim>
Date: Sun, 1 May 2016 13:51:29 -0400

Honorable Mayor Cline and Council Members:
Many communities in California and across the Country allow citizens to
1) Round up their utility bill to the next highest dollar or

2) Commit to $1.00, $2.00 or other amount monthly

in order to provide a pool of funds to help other utility bill customers in a time of emergency to keep their utility on that is provided by the city. In Menlo Park's case, this would involve precious water provided to about half the city. Other legal uses of these pooled funds may also be possible.

Customer emergencies that may result in not being able to pay their current bill may include

1) Sudden, unexpected, health issues,

2) Job loss,

3) A variety of other personal issues.

This is a no brainer program, and may explain its popularity. Is this something the city of Menlo Park would consider?

For instance, local programs are provided by

1) PG&E. Their program is called REACH (Relief for Energy Assistance through Community Help) and

2) Palo Alto. Their program is called PROJECT PLEDGE, which provides one time financial assistance.

Nationally, one can find similar programs in

1) Mesa, AZ. Their program is called Utility Bill Assistance, and

2) Garland, TX. Their program is called CAP (Customer Assistance Program).

All four programs have been well received and around for many, many years. Why? Because they work.

While it helps local citizens at their desperate time of need, it also helps the utility company cover potential bad debts; hence, a no brainer, win, win program.

If you are interested, I encourage you to look into this further. This lasting legacy can potentially make an important difference in the lives of many, some of whom may be your neighbors. Thank you for your time and consideration. It is much appreciated.
Received on Sun May 01 2016 - 10:57:51 PDT

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