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Plans for El Camino Real

From: domainremoved <Adina>
Date: Sat, 30 Apr 2016 20:47:55 -0700

Dear City Council members and staff,

In the staff report on next steps regarding bicycle and pedestrian safety
for the El Camino Real corridor, the main point is a major concern. It
proposes that the city take no action on bicycle lanes on El Camino Real
until such future time as Atherton and Palo Alto also take action.

"However, given the connectivity of the improvements to adjacent
jurisdictions, staff recommends delaying implementation of the north-south
travel improvements which would allow the City to continue to work with
Atherton and Palo Alto to develop a concept plan for the entire corridor.
Staff would return to City Council for authorization prior to re-initiating
work on the north-south improvements."

Having attended the city council meeting when the direction was given, it
was was my impression that Council wanted to do the best job we can at
coordinating with neighboring cities, not that that Council's was to
pre-condition Menlo Park action on decisions that may or may not happen in
other cities any time soon.

Bike lanes on El Camino Real will be valuable even if neighboring cities do
not yet provide continuous facilities.
* Many car trips that could be shifted to bike trips are quite short - 1-2
miles in length. We don't need to enable cyclists to take 4-5 mile trips
on El Camino Real through Palo Alto or Atherton in order to have a useful
* El Camino in Menlo Park is a shopping corridor. That is not the case in
Atherton or PA. There is distinct value in bike lanes on ECR in Menlo Park
to provide access to shopping and errands
* It would be welcome, but there is no evidence that Atherton or Palo Alto
will prioritize El Camino Real for bike access in the short to medium term

The decision to move forward with bike lanes on El Camino Real was the
outcome of years of effort. City Council set a goal to study options for El
Camino Real as a follow-up to the ECR/Downtown Specific Plan. After that,
there was a major study, numerous community meetings, and City Council
study sessions, leading to the set of Council recommendations. There was a
lot of money, consultant and staff time spent on that major process. If the
City puts this project on hold at this time, all of the prior studies and
community engagement would age and people would ask for the process to be

Cooperating with neighboring cities would be helpful, but it is not
necessary in order to provide facilities that will be valuable for Menlo
Park residents. I would urge City Council to build on the substantial
study, community engagement, and thoughtful consideration that has taken
place to date, and move forward to conduct the pilot study of bicycle
facilities on El Camino Real as earlier directed.

Thank you for your consideration,

- Adina

Adina Levin
Menlo Park resident
Received on Sat Apr 30 2016 - 20:54:34 PDT

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