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68 Willow Road - "Cuckoo's Nest Use Permit Application

From: domainremoved <M>
Date: Wed, 27 Apr 2016 19:33:22 -0700

 I am writing to express my concerns with respect to both the current use
of 68 Willow Road and particularly with respect to the requested use

*Current Zoning* - As you know, the site is zoned as Administrative and
Professional District, Restrictive. There are no permitted uses in this
district but conditional uses are allowed for activities such as
professional, executive and administrative offices and research facilities.

*Current Use* - The current use of the property exceeds any reasonable
interpretation of this zoning. Although clearly a cafeteria to feed those
working on the premises would be allowed, the current use is a violation of
the current zoning. For example, two events including music are advertised
on the website for this week. *We ask that a code enforcement proceeding
with respect to the current use be commenced immediately*.

*Requested Use* - The use permit requests permission to convert the
property to an event facility, restaurant and bar. The website describes
the facility as *“…the ultimate indoor/outdoor dining, drinking, and
special events venue.**” *Such a use cannot conceivably be within the
intended zoning restrictions.

The impact of such a facility on the surrounding neighborhood would be
extreme. The facility is hundreds of yards from residential properties on
both sides of the creek. In addition, as noted when Sunset Magazine
proposed a full event facility 7 years ago, the local environmental
organizations were greatly concerned about the impact of such noise on the
wildlife in the creek.

The noise and traffic will not only cause significant deterioration in the
quality of life to the surrounding community but will pose a threat to
safety. Our community has many young children. Events until 10 PM will be
well after bed time for these children. And then of course, the noise from
potentially inebriated patrons moving to the parking lots and streets will
create noise long after the event has ended.

The traffic of course poses a safety concern. Individuals will no doubt
enter their vehicles having consumed alcohol. Our community is an active
one with many families using the sidewalks and crossing the streets as well
as very active dog walkers at various time of the day and night.

This type of use was never envisioned for this zoned area and there is
simply NO REASON to allow this now. Such a decision would be unreasonable.

We assume that at a minimum the City would require a full environmental
impact review and traffic study and analysis. If an attempt to waive the
EIR is made, we will seek enforcement pursuant to CEQA and a full review if
necessary of any affirmative decision in the courts.

But even without any such studies it is clear that the impact of this
proposed use will be highly detrimental to this community. This use
permit should be denied.

Mark Berkowitz
Received on Wed Apr 27 2016 - 19:39:32 PDT

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