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Cuckoo's Nest Club

From: Stan Dirks <"Stan>
Date: Wed, 27 Apr 2016 19:30:15 -0700

We live on the north corner of the intersection of Cowper Street and Ruthven
Avenue in Palo Alto, a block from San Francisquito Creek. As you know, the
Cuckoo's Nest Club is directly opposite us on the Menlo Park bank of the
creek. Its presence there has significantly changed the impact on us of the
businesses on the Menlo Park side. Offices are quiet. Social clubs,
particularly ones with outdoor events with amplified music, are by their
very nature noisy. Even though we are over a block away, we have heard the
parties at the Cuckoo's Nest Club extending late into the evening.


We understand that the club intends to (perhaps has) applied for a liquor
license or permit. We strongly oppose the granting of any such license or
permit, and encourage the City of Menlo Park to oppose any such license or
permit and to strictly enforce its noise ordinance and its ordinances
relating to appropriate land uses in the areas adjacent to the San
Francisquito Creek. It is hard to imagine that a noisy social club is
within the intent of the zoning of what is otherwise a residential and
office use area, and a variance would be completely inappropriate.


Stan Dirks

545 Ruthven Avenue

Palo Alto, CA
Received on Wed Apr 27 2016 - 19:36:26 PDT

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