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RE: Implementation of "Quiet Zones"

From: McIntyre, Alex D <"McIntyre,>
Date: Wed, 27 Apr 2016 21:50:45 +0000

Mr. Perret,

Please be advised that there is no city council item scheduled on May 3 to consider quiet zones.

Alex D. McIntyre
City Manager
City of Menlo Park
701 Laurel Street
Menlo Park, CA 94025
(650) 330-6610

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From: Paul Perret [mailto:perretp_at_(domainremoved)
Sent: Wednesday, April 27, 2016 10:58 AM
Subject: Implementation of "Quiet Zones"

It is my understanding that the Council will consider train horn “quiet zone” implementation at your May 3 meeting. I urge you to take the necessary action to adopt and implement such a quiet zone. I live on Harvard Avenue and if I forget to close my bedroom window before retiring at night, I find that I am routinely awakened far too early the next morning by the constant train horns.

I have been informed that 45 Cities in California have already implemented quiet zones and that quiet zones do not add any legal liability to cities (in fact, they reduce liability). Atherton is in the process of implementing one. San Jose and Richmond have quiet zones, as does Fremont. My understanding is that quiet zones are proven to be safer and that if there is any real reason, like a car on the tracks, trains in a quiet zone would still have full use of their horns.

It is my further understanding that the mayor of Atherton and Menlo Park's own Transportation Commissioner are onboard with this plan. The Menlo Park City Council is the ONLY agency that can initiate a quiet zone in Menlo Park (by law), and you are they only agency that needs to approve the plan. The DOT has already approved and the railroads don't get any say in the matter (by law).

I believe that most MP residents who are within hearing distance of the train horns would join me in requesting the establishment of a quiet zone. I respectfully urge you to do so.


Paul Perret
662 Harvard Avenue
Menlo Park
Received on Wed Apr 27 2016 - 14:57:02 PDT

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