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Cuckoo's Nest Club

From: domainremoved <Andres>
Date: Sat, 23 Apr 2016 15:46:57 -0700

Dear City of Menlo Park Council Members,

For a year now my family and many other families in the communities of
Linfield Oaks and Downtown North Palo Alto have endured the disruptive
parties thrown by the Cuckoo's Nest Club located at 68 Willow Rd. One of
the main reasons we chose to live in this neighborhood was the serenity by
the Creek away from the crowd and city noises, and the natural setting
offered by the creek surroundings. The businesses that have come and gone
on the Menlo Park side of the Creek along Willow Rd. have never been a
problem, until the Cuckoo's Nest Club moved in.

Each of their parties have been very disruptive. We can hear the murmur of
the crowds talking and the clicking of the glasses and plates as if we were
at a bar in downtown. They use amplified sound for their outdoor events.
We have had to deal with all sorts of music, speeches, and even the foul
language of comedians. The events may finish at 10pm, but the noise
continues in the parking lot, with guests loudly carrying on and the cars
leaving. The Cuckoo's Nest Club is now applying for an alcohol permit and
permission to create a recreation area. This will truly be devastating for
our community. I'm urging you to please deny such application.

All the neighbors around the affected area are quite appalled that such
venue has been allowed to run their events in the middle of two very quiet
communities. It is not fair that we cannot enjoy a stroll along the Creek
to enjoy the natural sounds or a quiet evening at home when the Cuckoo's
Nest Club is throwing a party. It destroys the serenity of the Creek and
the neighborhood that many neighbors enjoy.

This type of venture companies have the resources to throw events and
parties at more suitable locations without disturbing neighbors in the
residential areas. The Cuckoo's Nest Club LinkedIn page (as of today) even
describes itself as "the ultimate indoor/outdoor dining, drinking, and
special events venue for disruptive entrepreneurs and artists". This is
truly NOT the type of business that belongs right in the center of two very
quiet neighborhoods by the natural setting of a creek!

I ask you to please ensure the privacy and the right to peace and quiet of
citizens in their residential neighborhoods against the self-interests of
business. I'm asking to please deny the alcohol permit application
submitted by the Cuckoo's Nest Club.

Thank you so much for your time and consideration,
Andres Mediavilla
480 Palo Alto Ave.
Received on Sat Apr 23 2016 - 15:53:02 PDT

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