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Oak Grove Bike Corridor & Bike Plan

From: domainremoved <D-P>
Date: Mon, 18 Apr 2016 18:58:57 -0400

Weagree with Dana Hendrickson’s April 15 letter to the City Council.
We agreethat there needs to be an immediate and complete update to the decade-old January2005 Comprehensive Bicycle Development Plan..
We agreethat the Oak Grove Bike Corridor appears to have not been thoroughly examinedfor all its impacts on downtown traffic and parking.
Webelieve the updated Bike Plan needs input from:
· Experts
· Parents of the youngest users of the bike paths
· Direct input from middle- and high-school student bicyclists
· Interconnections with adjacent-city bike plans/paths (Atherton, PaloAlto, Stanford, Redwood City)
· Developers
· Businesses along the bike corridors
We already have the StanfordPlaza development proceeding without an alignment of the railroad underpasswith existing bike-to-school paths on Middle Avenue, which need to extend to ElCamino Real and cross this very busy intersection. TheOak Grove Bike Corridor moving ahead on its own is another example of isolated bike-pathproposals.
Dan& Peggy Hilberman
631Arbor Road, MP
Received on Mon Apr 18 2016 - 16:04:56 PDT

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