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From: domainremoved <Janet>
Date: Thu, 14 Apr 2016 05:43:30 +0000 (UTC)

Thank you for your response.  The "inconvenience" was not just this morning.  It was also bad yesterday with motorbikes taking over the bike lane and multiple other vehicular violations.  It affected everybody trying to go to downtown MP, to Stanford, and to the Medical Center, and it continued throughout the day.  Whatever the reasons, there is no excuse for not coordinating with other agencies.  I (not the city)  called CHP who had no knowledge of the problems, and there was no sign of any MPPD to help out anywhere in the area.  As it happened some county sheriffs were called to Stowe Lane for something else and even they had not apparently been informed of the problem.  This is a recurrent problem where there is no coordination between jurisdictions and this needs to be sorted out before there is a major emergency such as an earthquake or a wildfire.  There have been numerous occasions in the past where the city has denied responsibility for problems occurring along their section of Alpine Road and at the Sand Hill intersection, and this needs to change.  This situation impacted, not only commuters, but in effect trapped all the residents of Stanford Weekend Acres in their homes for a good part of today.  I saw nothing in the local papers, and there were no warning signs as to any project.  Even the County puts up signs by the freeway and notifies residents of many of the impending projects that have occurred on Alpine.  Who is supposed to be supervising the contractor?  Even the county has a supervising Public Works person on hand when a project (such as the Stanford Fiber Optics line) is being constructed and they notify the sheriff.  Those of us who managed to drive through the intersection figured out that too many lanes were closed off, and were utterly infuriated.
Menlo Park needs to get it together, and get together with other agencies before this chaos happens again because there is no excuse for the mess that has been happening. 

      From: "Nagaya, Nicole H" <nhnagaya_at_(domainremoved)
 To: Janet Davis <jadjadjad_at_(domainremoved)
Cc: Don Horsley <dhorsley_at_(domainremoved)
 Sent: Wednesday, April 13, 2016 7:31 PM
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Sent: Wednesday, April 13, 2016 11:38 AM
To: _CCIN <councilmail_at_(domainremoved)
Cc: Don Horsley <dhorsley_at_(domainremoved)
Subject: COMPLAINT: MENLO PUBLIC WORKS/PD INCOMPETENCE & NEGLIGENCE   Just in case I don't make it to your office hours on Friday, (because I will probably be marooned on Alpine Road)I am complaining about MP Public Works and MPPD for total incompetence/negligence. This morning it took 5 iterations of traffic lights and around 15 mins to get from Stowe Lane to Junipero Serra.  Coming back the other way I could not get into my driveway because traffic was backed up all the way as far as I could see towards 280. There is some kind of construction going on at the Sand Hill/Santa Cruz intersection.  However, there are apparently no warning signs to alert the thousands of commuters to take another route.  There was nothing in the Almanac or the other local papers.  There is no  MP police presence to take care of the utter chaos/road rage/vehicle violations.  I saw no warning signs of upcoming construction prior to the lanes being blocked.  There seems to have been no coordination with the San Mateo Public Works/Sheriff/OES or with the CHP.  When a neighbor called the MPPD yesterday to ask why there was no police presence  since there were multiple vehicle violations, they were basically told "Not our job." Alpine Road is used by thousands of people every day and the very least that MP should have done is coordinate with the County to see that problems were minimized. This is a total screw up.

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