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Council Meeting 4-12-2016: Item H-4 consent calender : High Speed Rail comment letter.

From: domainremoved <Morris>
Date: Wed, 13 Apr 2016 15:33:00 -0700

It is really astonishing, but considering other actions taken by the
present Council, I guess I should not be surprised.

At the Council meeting of April 12, appearing on the consent calender
was item H-4, regarding a letter the City will send to the High Speed
Rail Authority as comments on the 2016 Draft business plan.

The High Speed Rail project has huge long term implications for the
City of Menlo Park and indeed on the quality of life for those living
here. Menlo Park, devotes almost no resources to this project, with
once in a while convening a Rail committee, which is sometimes
accompanied by a sparse staff report prepared at the last minute.

Other Cities, up and down the peninsula hold regular committee
meetings, fairly often have the subject appear on a council agenda,
and in general do a pretty good job of informing their citizens of
the impacts the project may being.

So now, last evening, Menlo Park simply puts on the consent calendar,
along with 6 other items which can be acted upon en mass without
further discussion. Two of the 7 items were "pulled" for discussion,
but not the apparently un-important H-4 item on High Speed Rail.

The letter is a disaster, and Mayor Cline should be ashamed to
sign and send this letter this letter.

So much for "good government" and looking after the quality of life
for the residents of Menlo Park

Morris Brown
Stone Pine Lane
Received on Wed Apr 13 2016 - 15:39:00 PDT

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