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An Oak Grove Bike Corridor Is Not the Best Community Bike Investment

From: domainremoved <dana>
Date: Tue, 12 Apr 2016 15:46:39 -0700

I am writing to request the City Council reconsider its apparent pursuit of
an east-west bike corridor on Oak Avenue between University and Middlefield
as this project appears to be unnecessary, costly, have significant
negative impacts and has drawn attention away from more important needs of
the Menlo Park bike community. It also could not be completed until
mid-2019 at the earliest - more than three years from now – when Station
1300 is completed.

Instead, I recommend you adopt two strategic priorities. First, eliminate
the unsafe and stressful conditions that currently exist on busy streets
already popular with bicyclists AND motorists, ones where bikes must
share lanes with heavy and faster vehicle traffic. These conflict-producing
streets include

   - • *University* Avenue between Middle and Santa Cruz Avenue.

• *Menlo Avenue* between University and El Camino Real

• *Ravenswood* between El Camino Real and Laurel.

• *Oak Grove* between El Camino and Laurel.

• *Glenwood* between El Camino Real and Laurel.

8 *Middle* between University and the Safeway shopping plaza.

Next, create a core bike network grid that provides convenient, safe and
stress-free east-west and north-south connectivity and serves bicyclists
who live in every Menlo Park neighborhood. The three natural east-west bike
corridors are Valparaiso-Glenwood (to Laurel), Menlo-Ravenswood and Middle.
The new north-south bike corridors would include University and
Alma-Garwood Way.

I recommend that you read my comprehensive analysis at

I oppose the Oak Grove bike corridor for many reasons.

   - · An Oak Grove bike corridor effectively duplicates the one that
   already exists on Valparaiso, one that will be improved in 2016. The
   budgeted improve-ments to Valparaiso and Glenwood will enable bicyclists at
   the north end of Menlo Park to safely, conveniently and comfortably ride to
   destinations between Middlefield and Alemeda De Las Pulgas using Laurel,
   Encinal, Glenwood and Ravenswood.

   - · An Oak Grove bike corridor would not be convenient for
   bicyclists who ride between places either near or south of Ravenswood,
   Menlo and Santa Cruz. For example, either from Middle to Burgess Park or
   Linfield to Downtown.

   - · An Oak Grove bike corridor would eliminate about 150 street
   parking places, ones that would increase in value once Station 1300 is
   - · An investment in a central Menlo-Ravenswood bike corridor would
   serve a greater number of bicyclists and could be completed as early as
   2017. It would also eliminate less than 60 street parking spaces. A cycle
   path between Alma and Laurel would also benefit riders and motorists.
   - · Station 1300 will increase vehicle traffic on Oak Grove and
   make it less appealing for bike riding.

I DO support protected bike lanes on Oak Grove between El Camino and
Laurel, as these would serve bicyclists travelling to and from Station 1300.

I welcome the opportunity to discuss these ideas at your convenience.

Thank you for considering my request.

Best regards,

Dana Hendrickson


Re-Imagine Menlo Park


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Received on Tue Apr 12 2016 - 15:52:32 PDT

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