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The Railroad Crossing Study is Badly Designed

From: domainremoved <mickie>
Date: Fri, 11 Mar 2016 13:32:51 -0800

The Railroad Crossing is Badly Designed

Dear Council Members

Arguably the most important projects facing our city are grade separations,
and the study to asses them comes up at Tuesday’s meeting.

The railroad crossing will provide safety.

It will ease traffic flow, especially as the number of trains increase.

And, depending on what kind of crossing you designate, construction will
tie up the city for a long time.

So please be smart and comprehensive.

If you check back on past studies you will find that the deep dig is not
feasible. So let’s look back at past studies and then strike the deep dig
from the possibility list.

Lowering the road a few feet and raising the tracks half way will disrupt
city for long time.

 The least disruptive and most useful is an overpass that leaves the road
as it is now—and raises the track high. This also provides new and great
opportunities to use the space underneath the tracks for retail and bike
roads and to end an east-west divide that now exists.

 We have been told that raising the tracks high from the Creek, where the
Menlo Park boundary begins, is a problem. Have we talked to Palo Alto about
this? Would that city not like an overpass at the Alma street crossing.
Should a railroad really be defined by each city?

 And why are we just talking about the Ravenswood crossing. What about the
crossings on Oak Grove and Glenwood? Are there not safety issues there as
well? I personally pulled someone off the track at Oak Grove.

 So I ask you, do the study right.

1. Consider the possibility of raising the track high.

2. Talk to Palo Alto.

3. Add Oak Grove and Glenwood to the study.

4. Forget the deep dig.

5. Be sensitive to the negative impact Menlo Park residents and
businesses suffer while construction is going on.

 Thank you

Mickie Winkler
Received on Fri Mar 11 2016 - 13:37:36 PST

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