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Petition to increase the safety of the crosswalk on Santa Cruz Ave at Lemon

From: domainremoved <Yee>
Date: Wed, 9 Mar 2016 07:05:05 -0800

Dear members of the City Council and Nikki Nagaya:

We are writing to request that you prioritize the use of funds to improve
the safety conditions of the crosswalk on Santa Cruz Ave at Lemon. We
understand that it is one of the intersections being considered for
installation of either the in-pavement lighted crosswalk system or a Rapid
Rectangular Flashing Beacon (RRFB) system. We understand that each system
costs approximately $15,000 to install.

We are concerned about this highly used crosswalk and the ability for
residents to cross the street without danger from the many cars moving very
quickly (some of them speeding) on Santa Cruz Ave. Many of these drivers do
not comply with the current crosswalk sign, which is partially hidden by
tree branches. There are many residents using this crosswalk, such as
retirees, parents with small children, and unattended children going to
Hillview or Oak Knoll. This is a complex site with vehicles coming from 4
directions that are all frantically trying to make left turns or go
straight. Furthermore, this crosswalk is designated as one of the
suggested bike routes for Hillview School.

The undersigned residents from Menlo Park (addresses available upon
request) request that you prioritize this improvement and allocate the
funds needed to increase the safety of this crosswalk. Menlo Park families
will be very grateful.

Best regards,

1. Yee-Yie and Patrick Fogarty

2. Suzanne Gallie

3. Shane and Kristin Stent

4. Kristin Cashin

5. Amy Thornborrow

6. Monica Tompkins

7. Cissi Hansen

8. Ahsi Lieskovsky Peyton

9. Nan Crawford

10. Yuri Minn

11. Yvonne Fulchiron Schmidt

12. Bjorn Carey

13. Karen Wang

14. Ashley Honerkamp

15. Jo Bell Whitlach

16. Lan Haarmann

17. Kimberly Gehant

18. Marcelo Rio

19. Tamara Russel

20. Wayne Wackerman

21. Lindsey Hutchinson

22. Mayura Garg

23. Jill Layman

24. Jennifer Pollack

25. Hallie Colorado

26. Mike and Maureen Demoss

27. Carrie Jenkins

28. Yukon Lam

29. Joshua Toub

30. Bill Kirsch

31. Michelle Sasson

32. Kelli and Michael Agnich

33. Katharine Sherwin

34. Sue Kayton

35. Thomas Weiser

36. Amy Beim

37. Steve Cadigan

38. Mary Jo McCarthy

39. Susan Barker

40. Kristine Lyng

41. Rhonda Bucklin

42. Raydean Randlett

43. David and Dolores Glendon

44. Karinne Collinsworth

45. Horace and Betsy Nash

46. Shelly Parsons

47. David and Dolores Glendon

48. Amy and Grady Burnett

49. Jennifer and Paul Roberts

50. Frances and John Maletis

51. Rhoda Grumet

52. Roberta and Joseph W. Carcione, Jr.

53. Jill Morgan

54. John Brown

55. Lorie Campi
Received on Wed Mar 09 2016 - 07:09:47 PST

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