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Fire Districts Comments to the Ravenswood/Alma Trial Staff Report - Chief Schapelhouman

From: Schapelhouman, Harold <"Schapelhouman,>
Date: Tue, 23 Feb 2016 05:10:09 +0000

Members of the Menlo Park City Council, City Manager and Staff

Please see the attached letter and photograph related to the Alma and Ravenswood Staff Report for the Council meeting on February 23, 2016 - Item 16-038-CC.

The Fire District was the primary emergency responder related to the tragic emergency incident last year that has helped to initiate these proposed measures by the City.

Firefighters in the photographs can be seen attending to the patient who's vehicle was struck by the train. After extricating the victim from the mangled vehicle, two Menlo Park Fire District Firefighter paramedics accompanied the patient along with the American Medical Response (AMR) Transporting Ambulance Paramedic to the Stanford Emergency Trauma Center. Despite all of their best efforts, the patient did not survive.

An important questions for the Council is - how difficult would it be for firefighters to access this emergency, or others, today? When seconds count and lives are in the balance, how would these proposed changes affect emergency responders and our ability to serve the entire community? The 2015 call data map is shown for that reason, the inter-play between all of our stations and unit deployment is critical to our response.

Did you know that we are currently planning to modify the Ravenswood/El Camino Traffic Signal with emergency pre-emption?. This project is funded and a vendor is on contract to perform the work.

Your consideration regarding my comments to this important topic is attached.

Thank You

Harold Schapelhouman, Fire Chief

Car vs Train - 2 - Ravenswood - 2-23-2015.jpg
(image/jpeg attachment: Car_vs_Train_-_2_-_Ravenswood_-_2-23-2015.jpg)

Car vs Train - 3 - Ravenswood - 2-23-2015.jpg
(image/jpeg attachment: Car_vs_Train_-_3_-_Ravenswood_-_2-23-2015.jpg)

Car vs Train - Ravenswood - 2-23-2015.jpg
(image/jpeg attachment: Car_vs_Train_-_Ravenswood_-_2-23-2015.jpg)

Incidents 2015.jpg
(image/jpeg attachment: Incidents_2015.jpg)

Received on Mon Feb 22 2016 - 21:15:30 PST

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