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Ravenswood/Alma Median

From: domainremoved <Allison>
Date: Sun, 21 Feb 2016 18:15:16 -0800

Dear Council Members,

The Transportation Commission will be presenting data to you on Tuesday,
collected over the last 6 months regarding the median on Ravenswood Ave at
Alma St. We have read through the staff report and feel strongly that
approving the median as a permanent fixture is not going to keep our
neighborhood safer and it will continue to be a problem. We hope you will
strongly consider all of the factors before approving the permanent median.

   - Based on the staff report, the data collected regarding fouling on the
   tracks was taken on only 2 days and showed some decrease in fouling only
   in the eastbound direction. If you recall, the original accident that
   prompted this, was due to a woman going westbound so the median would
   not have made a difference. In fact, based on the data collected, there was
   no improvement in the westbound direction. Can we really base this decision
   on data collected on only 2 days?

   - The increased traffic on Laurel St has been brought up numerous times
   in transportation meetings, emails, as well as with an online petition. The
   staff report shows that traffic volumes increased from 4,500 to 6,700
   vehicles per day. That is a huge increase which is of great concern.

   - The crosswalk between Alma and Noel being very dangerous has also been
   brought up several times. The staff report shows pedestrian volumes
   increased by 30-50% over the trial period. With more pedestrians crossing
   in an already very dangerous, crosswalk, isn't feasible to assume that more
   accidents will happen? We saw one little boy get hit by a car a few months
   ago. Luckily he did not suffer life threatening injuries, but are we ok
   with taking the risk that the next kid will not be so lucky?

   - The report outlines collision history on the tracks, taken over the
   past 10 years. There have only been 5 incidents and of those, only two
   fatalities which could not have been prevented by the median; one was the
   death last year of a woman not paying attention, another was a suicide. A
   third was a car that stalled but without injuries. 3 of the 5 incidents
   were vehicles going westbound. Again, the median has shown to not make any
   difference in the westbound direction. If it is not working, why are we
   proposing to keep it?

   - The report also shows that more accidents have occurred on Ravenswood
   Ave at Alma since the median has been in place. Another reason that
   supports not keeping the median.

Based on the staff report, looking at all of the data that was presented,
it still seems like the obvious decision is to take down the median. How
can we say that it has been successful based on only a few less incidents
of fouling on the tracks? Yet it has not made any difference in fouling on
the tracks in the westbound direction, it has made Laurel St a through way,
with almost double the amount of cars per day. With more pedestrians using
the crosswalk the chance of future accidents has gone up, and there have
been MORE accidents during the trial period at the Ravenswood and Alma

Lastly, please consider the implications once construction begins on the
new office building on Alma. Not only will the construction limit access
from the Oak Grove side, it will create much more traffic on that end of
Alma as well. The parking structure will only be accessible via Alma Alley
which is also blocked by the median. The intersection of Alma Alley and
Ravenswood is going to see a huge increase in traffic, and the Oak
Grove/Alma intersection is going to be so much worse than it already is.

There seem to be many more reasons to not keep the median, than there are
to keep it as a permanent fixture. We hope you will consider all current
and future factors in your decision.

Thank you for your time and consideration in this very important matter for
our business and the safety of our neighborhood.


Scott Norton
AXIS Personal Trainers

Allison Allen
Managing Director
AXIS Personal Trainers
Received on Sun Feb 21 2016 - 18:19:49 PST

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