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Questions re Santa Cruz sidewalks

From: domainremoved <Patti>
Date: Sun, 14 Feb 2016 16:52:53 -0800

Dear council,
A couple questions about the proposed sidewalk design:
1 - is it true that the new sidewalk will be located essentially where pedestrians currently have to walk (I.e. At and into the street next to the current gutter)? If so, where would recycling bins be expected to be placed on the day before and day of recycling pickup? Today, they are in the street next to the gutter, not in the bike lane but if the sidewalk is installed in that area, it appears that the bins would have to be placed in the bike lane. Since the larger bins are about 34" front to back, that seems to be a large intrusion into the bike lanes heavily traveled by schoolkids. Pickup day, and the before, are both on weekdays (schooldays).
2 - will the bike lanes be repaved as part of the sidewalk and new gutter installation? In most places, the lanes have very uneven surfaces, some due to residual divots from the "street furniture" removal 14 years ago, some more recent when bike lanes were restriped. From Tuesday's discussion it sounded as if there were no plans to repave Santa Cruz for quite a while.

Btw, whenever it is repaved, we hope that noise reducing surface material is used. It makes a big difference on this heavily traveled road.

I understand the design is intended to preserve private fences/walls and plantings in the city right of way (4' on each side of the street remains unused in the design). I applaud this consideration but only if the design doesn't make things less safe for children on bikes. They currently have a wide area in which to bike - lane, buffer, and pedestrian area if necessary. They often use it all when biking in groups! The sidewalk placement and location for recycling bins could reduce the area a lot.
Thanks in advance for clarifying the design.
Patti fry
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Received on Sun Feb 14 2016 - 16:57:17 PST

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