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Re: A letter on conversations, about national security surveillance and technology, during the super bowl.

From: domainremoved <bob>
Date: Thu, 11 Feb 2016 13:30:10 -0800

               Dear city and county governments, of the Bay Area,

     Hi, this is Blair Beekman, from San Jose, California, working
on national security surveillance and technology issues, and better
guidelines, for all the people, of a local community, to understand and be
a part of.

     I hope in the days, before the super bowl, and after the super bowl,
in talking with people and visiting dignitaries, I hope your city, county,
or area, have realized there may be a next wave, of national security
technology, that may start to go to work, around the Bay Area, and around
the country, after the super bowl, in the next few years.

     I have written this letter, to all of the surrounding San Francisco
Bay, cities, and counties. I would like to write about, responsible
conversation and dialogue, at the time of the super bowl, into this summer,
and onward.

      There are basic problems and basic questions, that need to be asked,
about the relationship between government, natonal security technology, and
the everyday people, of a community. It is a question, facilitated, with
new ideas and a model, created by the city of Oakland, starting in 2014.
They are about to implement, a new plan, including a citizen oversight
committee, to answer questions, and to offer thoughts and civil
protections, on the future of national security surveillance and
technology, for Oakland.

       The ACLU, picked up on this idea, and created their own model. They
officially started working in 2015, with Supervisor Joseph Simitian, of
Santa Clara County, who has worked hard and well, to create a set
of guidelines, that more clearly define, a local government's, civil and
constitutional responsibilities. They have created, a more transparent
process, in how to acquire, and have good oversight, for national security
surveillance and technology issues, in their county.
       You, and your city or county, in the Bay Area, may not be quite
familiar, with what these two local governments, are about to put, into
their local books, or you, and your city or county, may still be unsure, or
still a little uncomfortable, of where their good ideas, have come
from. Worries about the Department of Navy, and possibly the U.N., aside, I
would like to offer, there are still some basic ideas, questions and
problems, that need to be addressed, with or without, what is being worked
on, by the city of Oakland, and Santa Clara County, and the future of
national security surveillance and technology.

          Local governments, seem to be having basic questions and
problems, with national security technology, around the ideas of, openness,
honesty, transparency, and with the people in their community. Also, in
trying to understand, what good civil rights, and good civil
and constitutional ideas and protections, can mean. Another question and
problem, is the opacity and confusion, government is having, in making
clear, honest, and constitutionally sound decisions, for themselves, and
for their community, after fifteen years of war.

          I think these are basic questions and problems, local governments
are having trouble with. I think, it is these basic questions, that should
be talked about, with a greater degree of responsibility, especially at
the time of the super bowl, and afterwards.

          It is this sort of, responsible questioning, thought, and work,
that is being done, by everyday people, activist and advocacy groups, by
the city of Oakland, by Supervisor Joseph Simitian, of Santa Clara County,
and by the ACLU, that should be asked about, and talked about, at the time
of the super bowl, and in the future.

         I hope this can help, in addressing, a possible next wave, of
national security and technology issues, that might try to go to work,
after the super bowl, and in the next few years. I think, the point of
responsible conversation, at the time of the super bowl, and afterwards,
should be about how to create, better forms of local democracy, in the Bay
Area communities, and in communities, across the country, with national
security technology.

         I would like to ask, that it seems, we are at the time, we need
to begin, to learn how to talk about, and notice, the snickering, polite
asides, and implied conversations, of what a city or county, can get away
with, or how they will make up, to their community, at a later time,
during your super bowl parties and festivities, and after conversations.

          Please do not be fooled, if you hear, at the time of the super
bowl, of the idea, that the city of San Jose, was a fair or average
example, of questioning or introducing, national security technology, with
a community. Their introduction, of a surveillance drone, to a community
meeting process, I feel, has been an example, of the word, disingenuous. To
list one, of several examples. To hear the words, that the city of San
Jose, was a fair example, at the time of the super bowl,
would inadvertently or purposefully, offer to continue a system, and form
of democratic government, that is seriously being questioned, and
re-examined. Their problem describes, the problem this country and
communities are having, with national security technology, and why I need
to write this letter.

        After fifteen years of war, and the ideas of continual war, I feel
we are simply at an end, in talking about what a city or community, can
get away with, as part of the process or example, in how to
create, national security technology plans, for their future.

         The serious and hopeful intent, of what is being thought of, and
worked on, demands some form of attention, on your part. It is my
intention, to ask in this letter, you do not make national security
technology plans, that run opposite or counter, to a more honest,
democratic and constitutional system of thinking, that is forming, with
people and local governments, of the Bay Area, and other places, throughout
the country.

         By learning to think about, and work on, the better parts of our
constitution and democracy, good people, good people in local government,
and good advocacy groups, have already been working on safe, established
and well practiced ideas. A sense of trust, honesty, openness, and
friendliness, with ideas about, about local communities, and this country's
future, is being offered, by these groups and people. It is ideas about
good logic, good constitutional ideas, and peace.

         I think more thoughtful, constitutional and civil
protection guidelines, are needed, to create more honest, open and
transparent forms, of local democracy. It is part of the basic ideas, of
how we understand our country, and how to better address, the future of our
country. Good thinking, constitutional and civil protection ideas, are
important, to better understand, the future of war, the ideas of continual
warfare, and its impending, international and domestic, security,
surveillance, and technology, questions.

         I hope after the stress and pressure, of the super bowl, is
finally over with, (a polite form of war, in its own way), Bay Area cities
and counties, will be relieved, and will want to begin, and will want
to return, to learn the responsibility, purposefulness, and an actual
happiness, there can be, in working again, more honestly and openly, with
their communities. A return, towards better forms, of local community,
democratic government and constitutional thinking. It becomes easier in
time, when a good process, can simply begin or get started.

         It can begin with, the simple positive thoughts, of oneself. This
can lead to, similar thoughts and patterns, of other people, groups, or
some basic philosophies, of a city or county. Or finding an example, in
society, of what is, 'a good idea'. Not a cynical meaning, of what a good
idea, I would like to add. I hope you can write myself back, with your
thoughts, about this subject.

         It is my feeling, government accountability, based on honesty,
good constitutional thinking, and good ideas, on civil protections, about
national security, surveillance and technology issues, and other issues,
can create better ideas of peace, for this country, and for this earth.

           Blair Beekman
Received on Thu Feb 11 2016 - 13:34:09 PST

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