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Settlement in Harney Case?

From: domainremoved <Tony>
Date: Sun, 7 Feb 2016 06:32:20 +0000

Looks like Palo Alto Police Chief Dennis Burns and the PAPD are going to pay up to cover up the tampering of evidence by settling with Tyler Harney.





Why would the PAPD settle with a person whom they claim they did nothing wrong to; a person whom

the PAPD has asserted violated the law during his arrest?

Palo Alto Police Chief Dennis Burns,

         word has it your still promoting your slanderous statements and falsified videos regarding my case but that is nothing new.

Tyler Harney and Tim Pierce.

COMPLAINT against Dennis Burns, City of Palo Alto, Dan Ryan (Filing fee $ 400.). Filed byTimothy B. Pierce. by 1/11/2016.(cv, COURT STAFF) (Filed on 12/28/2015)


Simple question Dennis, why did you destroy Ofc. Temores' taser probes and taser cartridge in violation of department policy, state and federal law?


This taser probe in Ofc. Burger's hand along with Burger's own statements verifies that two taser guns fired taser probes yet the video footage of the second firing has been removed from the recordings and the only explanation is that the video footage was removed deliberately and illegally by your officers Mr. Burns.




Why did you take into personnel possession Officers' Temores' and Burger's taser cameras, taser guns and the the police department hard drive in violation of department policy at a specific date and time when they should have been turned over to the crime lab on that date and time?


The crime lab that verified that 4 seconds of video footage is missing from Temors' taser video and therefore 4 seconds of video footage from Temores' MAV video. Now you and I both know that it is much more than 4 seconds as Forensic Expert Greg Stutchman verified.



So Dennis it would be much appreciated if you would provide the missing 4 seconds along with the other missing audio/video footage from Temores' MAV and Taser videos and Burger's Taser video in chronological order in the unadulterated and original formats so that everything that you and your officers have done since March 15, 2008 is placed in the proper context.

If you are not willing to provide the missing 4 seconds of video footage I would think that State Bar Rules and California Law would compel City Attorney Molly Stump to provide the missing 4 seconds which never provided to me.

Tony Ciampi

P.O. Box 1681

Palo Alto, CA 94302


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(image/png attachment: stutchman_report.png)

pierce v city of palo alto.PNG
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Received on Sat Feb 06 2016 - 22:37:06 PST

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