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Proposed Bike lanes on Oakgrove

From: domainremoved <BreakeyLK_at_>
Date: Sat, 6 Feb 2016 14:18:38 -0500

February 6, 2016
To: City Council Members, Menlo Park
I am a resident and homeowner in Menlo Park. I live in a small condo
complex bordered by Oakgrove and Pine street. I recently learned, via an
article written in the Palo Alto Daily a week ago, that the Council is
considering putting bike lanes on Oakgrove from Middlefield to University Avenue.
And as part of that process the Council will also eliminate all parking on
I brought this issue to the Board of Directors and other homeowners at a
Condo association meeting held last Wednesday. No one attending the meeting
was aware that the Council was considering this action. I have also asked
neighbors in the surrounding area. They were also unaware that this
proposal was being considered. In fact no one from the City apparently has
thought it necessary to inform the residents and homeowners,whose neighborhoods
would be impacted by this action, of the proposed changes.
If the Council members had considered the impact , of elimination of
parking on Oakgrove and the creation of bike lanes, on the surrounding
neighborhoods they would have discovered that this proposal would significantly and
negatively impact the safety of the surrounding neighborhoods.
Marcussen , which does not have sidewalks, is already impacted by the
number of cars parked there during the week both on Magnusson and on Oakgrove
from Middlefield to past Magnusson. These vehicles belong to students and
teachers at Menlo Atherton. If parking is eliminated on Oakgrove those cars
would move into the side streets of the surrounding neighborhoods. Per my
count this week at 1:30 PM on Friday, there were 35 cars parked on
Oakgrove. If cars park on both sides of Marcussen walkers, including mothers with
strollers and elders with dogs, would be forced into the middle of the
The street I live on, Pine , is a narrow street with parking allowed on
both sides of the street. In the morning and afternoon parents from Nativity
school, which is directly opposite, park on Oakgrove and Pine to deliver
and pick up their children. When they park on Pine only single cars can get
through in one direction and exiting our garages is very difficult. If
parking on Oakgrove is eliminated the parents from Nativity will be forced on
to the side streets increasing the safety risk on Pine and preventing
emergency vehicles access to an area that has a number of residents over the
age of 65.
The elimination of parking on Oakgrove and creation of bike lanes would
also mean that the residents and homeowners who live on Oakgrove could no
longer park there to load and unload their children, strollers and groceries.
This would create a significant negative impact on parents with infants and
young children and on elders.
I respectively request that the Council table further discussion of this
proposal until after the residents and homeowners of the surrounding
neighborhoods have been informed of the proposed change and their input had been
Received on Sat Feb 06 2016 - 11:22:48 PST

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