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Re: Belle Haven: Lack of Basic City Services - Why is the City not delivering them? Classism? Racism?

From: domainremoved <Terri>
Date: Thu, 4 Feb 2016 18:32:19 -0800

*Hello Kirsten*
  Thank you for responding as I have not heard back from anyone else on
City Council or staff.

  However, you did not address my core proposition - inequality.

  What I'd like from you is to send me dates and times you are available to
discuss what I raised in my letter.

*Hello Catherine, Peter, Ray & Rich,*
  I am once more disappointed that I have not heard from any of you.

  I respectfully ask that all of you individually send me dates and times
you are available to discuss the issues I raised.

 I know that I cannot meet with you as a group as that would be a violation
of the Brown Act.

 I look forward to having a respectful and fruitful dialogue.

Terri Epidendio

On Thu, Feb 4, 2016 at 1:43 PM, Kirsten Keith <kkeith_at_(domainremoved)

> Hello Terri,
> Thank you for your email.
> Alex, please share with us the changes that are being proposed to make
> Chilco safer and the timeframe that this will come to council and be
> implemented. Thank you.
> Nikki, please share with us the information from Samtrans on how to
> proceed with getting bus shelters. This topic was discussed at our council goal
> setting last Friday and I received an email from Samtrans this week stating
> they would provide you with this information. Thank you.
> On Wednesday, February 3, 2016, Terri Epidendio <terriepidendio_at_(domainremoved)
> wrote:
>> *Dear Menlo Park City Council & Staff,*
>> As a resident of the Belle Haven neighborhood for seven years, I am
>> unbelievably frustrated and deeply disappointed by the City’s dereliction
>> in delivering basic services to our neighborhood and the platitudes we
>> receive about the Council caring.
>> I have attended numerous meetings over the years, long before Facebook
>> was our neighbor, attempting to get you, our elected officials, to provide
>> the same types of services that are provided to our neighbors west of 101.
>> Those requested services have included, but are not limited to:
>> *1) CHILCO STREET CORRIDOR: * 2 deaths in 2013. Why has nothing been
>> done to improve safety?
>> The Chilco corridor, as you all should know, is a curved, unlit road,
>> with no sidewalks, and it is dangerous for pedestrians, bikers, and
>> automobiles.
>> Many neighbors walk their dogs and children ride their bikes on this
>> road. And now Facebook workers are also walking, riding their bikes and
>> driving their cars.
>> How is it that 2 of my neighbors from Modoc Avenue were killed by a
>> driver back in 2013, and yet the City has NOT made a SINGLE improvement??
>> Why is this???
>> How many others will lose their lives or be gravely injured because of
>> this issue?
>> Or, will you wait until you have a lawsuit?
>> * More likely, if I look at how other issues are fixed in my
>> neighborhood, you will ask Facebook to fund the needed improvements.*
>> 2*) BUS SHELTERS: *Asking for 7+ years. Why have none been built?
>> I do not have the luxury of a company that will send a bus to pick me
>> up nor is public transit available to my place of work. And, if it were,
>> where would I wait on a rainy or a hot and humid day??? If I did not have
>> a smartphone, how would I know what bus stopped at what location, at what
>> time??
>> Yet, this is what my neighbors, who are mostly black and Latino, and
>> who face long commutes, often to low paying jobs, are faced with.
>> Why is this??
>> When attending the January 14th planning focus meeting on what our
>> community wanted as amenities to be provided by property developers, bus
>> shelters showed up on the list.
>> Yes, we want them. *However why is it that when we request them, they
>> have to be an amenity and for west side Menlo Park residents they are a
>> city* *service?? *
>> * Do you think west side Menlo Park residents would be happy if David
>> Bohannon chose to build an 8 story structure and in return the amenity they
>> received were a few bus shelters? *
>> * Unfortunately, I surmise that the neglect of my neighborhood is due to
>> a *combination of classism and racism.
>> I am a Caucasian, highly paid, high tech worker and when people
>> who look like me show up for meetings, people tend to listen. And when I
>> make comments at planning meetings, property developers have their paid
>> land use attorneys contact me asking “wouldn’t it be better that the issues
>> you bring up in public be discussed in private?”.
>> Do you think my brown-skinned neighbors get these calls? No.
>> Do you think my neighbors who watch our children, mow our lawns, and
>> serve me a latte at Starbucks, get these calls? No.
>> I hope that this letter and a letter you received from Sheryl Bims on
>> January 26th (see attached), will finally spur you to do what is right,
>> what is just.
>> This is 2016 and the United States of America, and we can and should be
>> doing better for all of our citizens.
>> Regards
>> Terri Epidendio
Received on Thu Feb 04 2016 - 18:36:26 PST

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