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Belle Haven: Lack of Basic City Services - Why is the City not delivering them? Classism? Racism?

From: domainremoved <Terri>
Date: Wed, 3 Feb 2016 21:50:17 -0800

*Dear Menlo Park City Council & Staff,*
  As a resident of the Belle Haven neighborhood for seven years, I am
unbelievably frustrated and deeply disappointed by the City’s dereliction
in delivering basic services to our neighborhood and the platitudes we
receive about the Council caring.

  I have attended numerous meetings over the years, long before Facebook
was our neighbor, attempting to get you, our elected officials, to provide
the same types of services that are provided to our neighbors west of 101.

Those requested services have included, but are not limited to:

*1) CHILCO STREET CORRIDOR: * 2 deaths in 2013. Why has nothing been done
to improve safety?
   The Chilco corridor, as you all should know, is a curved, unlit road,
with no sidewalks, and it is dangerous for pedestrians, bikers, and

  Many neighbors walk their dogs and children ride their bikes on this
road. And now Facebook workers are also walking, riding their bikes and
driving their cars.

   How is it that 2 of my neighbors from Modoc Avenue were killed by a
driver back in 2013, and yet the City has NOT made a SINGLE improvement??

   Why is this???

   How many others will lose their lives or be gravely injured because of
this issue?

   Or, will you wait until you have a lawsuit?

 * More likely, if I look at how other issues are fixed in my neighborhood,
you will ask Facebook to fund the needed improvements.*

 2*) BUS SHELTERS: *Asking for 7+ years. Why have none been built?
   I do not have the luxury of a company that will send a bus to pick me up
nor is public transit available to my place of work. And, if it were, where
would I wait on a rainy or a hot and humid day??? If I did not have a
smartphone, how would I know what bus stopped at what location, at what

   Yet, this is what my neighbors, who are mostly black and Latino, and who
face long commutes, often to low paying jobs, are faced with.

   Why is this??

   When attending the January 14th planning focus meeting on what our
community wanted as amenities to be provided by property developers, bus
shelters showed up on the list.

  Yes, we want them. *However why is it that when we request them, they
have to be an amenity and for west side Menlo Park residents they are a
 city* *service?? *

* Do you think west side Menlo Park residents would be happy if David
Bohannon chose to build an 8 story structure and in return the amenity they
received were a few bus shelters? *

* Unfortunately, I surmise that the neglect of my neighborhood is due to
a *combination of classism and racism.

  I am a Caucasian, highly paid, high tech worker and when people who look
like me show up for meetings, people tend to listen. And when I make
comments at planning meetings, property developers have their paid land use
attorneys contact me asking “wouldn’t it be better that the issues you
bring up in public be discussed in private?”.

  Do you think my brown-skinned neighbors get these calls? No.

  Do you think my neighbors who watch our children, mow our lawns, and
serve me a latte at Starbucks, get these calls? No.

 I hope that this letter and a letter you received from Sheryl Bims on
January 26th (see attached), will finally spur you to do what is right,
what is just.

  This is 2016 and the United States of America, and we can and should be
doing better for all of our citizens.

Terri Epidendio

Received on Wed Feb 03 2016 - 21:54:26 PST

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