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Fw: Dearth of bicycle parking downtown

From: domainremoved <Anne>
Date: Sun, 31 Jan 2016 01:52:32 +0000 (UTC)

Hello City Council members,
Once again I am writing to report my disappointment in the dearth of parking spaces for bicycles downtown, let alone any announcement of confirmed plans.
Mayor Mueller, I have not seen one mention of enhanced accommodation for bicycles since your stepping into the position at the beginning of 2016. Nor have I seen any additional bicycle parking stands. The other day I stopped at a shop on Santa Cruz to discuss a house renovation, not something one takes 15 secs to speak about. The owner kindly invited me to bring my bicycle into his store for safety while we toured the displays and explored what might be done.
You speak about boosting the climate for local businesses. You talk about cars and more cars. Well, bring on more lockable parking for bicycles. As mentioned in a previous email from me, I am better off cycling to Palo Alto to shop and dine with my friends, than I am in Menlo Park. Hapless is how I would describe the decision makers in this situation.
Best regards,Anne Gregor


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 From: Cat Carlton <cat.carlton_at_(domainremoved)
 To: Anne Gregor <annegreg_66_at_(domainremoved)
 Sent: Wednesday, November 4, 2015 5:28 PM
 Subject: Re: Dearth of bicycle parking downtown
I agree with you.  At our last Council meeting I asked the City Manager to start the process of putting in more bicycle parking downtown.  This is something that I have mentioned before, but made a point of asking this time in the meeting.  They will now be confirming the locations and allocating the funds for this project.  I hope that staff will have new bicycle parking installed very soon, and I will be supporting the progress.  You may also know that we are working on safer routes to and around downtown as well. 
Many thanks again for your thoughtful letter.
All the best,

On Nov 3, 2015, at 10:17 PM, Anne Gregor <annegreg_66_at_(domainremoved)
Good evening Council Members,
I am writing to stress the need for ample bicycle parking downtown. There is almost none, hindering my ability to shop and dine with the knowledge that my bicycle is safe. I sat through one council meeting in the summer where you chatted cheerfully about time limits for car parking for close to an hour. Nothing was mentioned about bicycles.

I can take my business to Palo Alto with the assurance that I will find bicycle parking with ease, as I did only yesterday. Surely you don't want to be known as the city that is increasingly behind the times. Without adequate bicycle parking and safe cycling routes your out-dated reputation is assured and your merchants will lose business. They deserve better.

Best regards,Anne Gregor

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