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Please support clean energy

From: Janelle London <"Janelle>
Date: Mon, 11 Jan 2016 21:22:40 -0800

Dear Mayor Cline and City Council Members,

I am filled with hope for the new year and the green changes that you’re working on. It’s great that you’re working to get our city clean energy through Peninsula Clean Energy. This is the biggest step our city can take to meet our emissions reduction goal of 27% by 2020 – and hopefully exceed it!

This is to urge that you please vote for Menlo Park to join the Peninsula Clean Energy Joint Powers Authority. I understand that staff recommended advocating for an energy mix that contains the most clean energy possible while still remaining below PG&E rates. What would be even better, to my mind, is to go for 100% clean energy at the very outset.

In our area, people are already used to the idea of 100% renewables – and beyond! For instance, Sustainable Silicon Valley’s “Net Positive Bay Area” initiative seeks “to build a regenerative region by 2050.” They’re already working to zoom right past Net Zero and into Net Positive.

By and large, people will stick with whatever the baseline offering is. I would suggest making the baseline 100% renewable, then perhaps offering another option that is the same as, or slightly cheaper than, the PG&E rate for those who do not wish to accept the extra cost in the name of the environment. Then the goal for the future, as the price of renewables goes down and PG&E’s rates rise, could be to beat PG&E’s price even with a 100% renewable portfolio.

Going for 100% renewables right from the get-go would be the best way to meet or exceed the 2020 emissions reduction goal and be the leader that Menlo Park should be.

Thanks for working so hard to make Menlo Park the BEST city in the world!


Janelle London

10 Sharon Court

Menlo Park
Received on Mon Jan 11 2016 - 21:26:17 PST

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