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League of Women Voters of South San Mateo County - January 2016 VOTER

From: domainremoved <Anne>
Date: Sun, 10 Jan 2016 20:01:22 -0800

1. National LWV “Money in Politics” Study, our local consensus meeting, Wed. January 20, 1-5pm at Ellen Hope’s, 854 Seminole, Redwood City
2. Feb. 6, Sat, 9:30am-2:30pm, Bay Area League Day in San Pablo
3. “From the Board” by Ellen Hope on a busy year 2016 ahead, especially our Pros-and-Cons presentations on the ballot propositions
4. Excerpts from a speech at Stanford by former US Senator Bill Bradley: Citizens United decision and money in politics
5. Board Notes on the Dec. 14th meeting of the LWVSSMC Board
6. Book Group: Thursday, noon, Jan. 28, at Lucile Spurlock’s: Notorious RBG: The Life and Times of Ruth Bader Ginsburg
7. World Affairs Council, Wed., Jan. 6, on the Trans Pacific Partnership trade agreement, at the Los Altos Youth Center [This was last week.]
8. California LWV study on Higher Public Education in California (Contact Carol Louchheim or Ellen Hope for study in early 2016)
9. New Voices for Youth update on the past three months at the Siena Youth Center (North Fair Oaks) and at Menlo-Atherton High School
10. Bay Area LWV: (1) welcome for volunteers and nominations for the 2016-17 year, and (2) contents of the Dec.-Jan. issue of The Bay Area Monitor
11. Bay Area League Day: information and registration form for Feb. 6 at the San Pablo Civic Center; one-page flyer with program summary: “Reinventing Bay Area Transportation for the 21st Century”
12. Kepler’s “community partners” program contributes to our League
13. Local League activities: small groups, etc. in LWV of South San Mateo County
14. Money in Politics Study: three pages giving the full set of the “consensus questions” from the national LWV website (LWVUS and lwv.org) – http://forum.lwv.org/category/member-resources/our-work/money-politics-review
15. State League Study on Public Higher Education: two articles on this study and our local meetings on it in March and April
16. Press release from the national LWV on the new (as of Sept. 2015) Executive Director, Wylecia Wiggs Harris, with a few of her words on voting rights and pictures of her and of outgoing Executive Director, Nancy Tate
17. List of officers and contacts for our League
18. Upcoming Events Calendar (LWVSSMC)

Received on Sun Jan 10 2016 - 20:05:07 PST

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