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Yes Sidewalks on Santa Cruz

From: domainremoved <RB>
Date: Tue, 15 Dec 2015 00:31:05 -0500

Dear City Council Membersand Staff,
We need sidewalks on Santa Cruz Ave now.
The following excerptsfrom “Strategies for Building Healthy,Equitable Communities Get Healthy San Mateo County | 2015–2020” highlight thebenefits of sidewalks on Santa Cruz Avenue
· Creating vibrantcomplete neighborhoods allows people to safely walk and bike…..
· Completeneighborhoods also support small businesses that help stimulate the localeconomy and provide employment for local residents.
· Safe places towalk and bike increases everyday physical activity,…. contributing to overallhealth and reducing disease……
· When people driveless, air pollution declines and asthma and other health issues decrease —while slowing the negative impacts of climate change.
We have lived in Menlo Park for more than 20 years and on just about every Sundayof those 20 years, I walk down Santa Cruz Ave from Olive to the Farmers Market.
Itis an uncomfortable, unsafe walk. We need sidewalks.
We look to our elected leadership to move forward with sidewalks on Santa Cruz. We see the value of the middle turn lane, and would miss that if it weresacrificed – we imagine traffic would slow at certain times of the day. But weneed sidewalks.
Propertyowners who disregard codes and ordinances should be dealt with.
Butwe need sidewalks now!

Thank you,
Rayna Lehman
Bill Nack
Stanford Ave, Menlo Park
Received on Mon Dec 14 2015 - 21:34:09 PST

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