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Re: Speedsters and Stop signs on Gilbert Av.

From: domainremoved <Kirsten>
Date: Wed, 2 Dec 2015 09:30:13 -0800

Hi Eduardo,

Thank you for your email. Nikki, would you ease outline the process for
installing a stop sign? Thank you.

On Tuesday, December 1, 2015, EDUARDO PELEGRI-LLOPART <

> Jim Wiley mentioned that he had sent mail on the topic of cross traffic in
> The Willows. I fully agree with his concerns but this mail focuses on a
> subset of that problem.
> We have lived on Gilbert Avenue, in The Willows, since 1998. The Willows
> has significant cross-traffic but Gilbert Av in particular has its own set
> of additional problems as it is one of the key streets in / out of The
> Willows and its a long straight stretch with only one Stop sign at Marmona.
> Traffic has been getting worse over the last few years as there are more
> offices in downtown Palo Alto. We also have new families with young
> children, the GAIS recently reopened, and there is a new school scheduled
> for Oak Court. Gilbert also gets quite a bit of bicycle traffic, some from
> school and some going to work; actually Gilbert, and the segment of Pope
> connecting to it from Palo Alto, is listed as a bicycle boulevard at
> http://menlopark.org/DocumentCenter/View/7986.
> Some of the issues I’ve seen on Gilbert include:
> - Regular speedsters: a bit or some over the speed limit
> - Dangerous speedsters that become impatient and will overtake, on the
> left, “slower” drivers. Recently i saw somebody overtake another for a
> couple of blocks driving at least at 45mph.
> - Impact of fast traffic / impatient traffic on children biking
> to/from school and adults biking to/from work.
> - Almost hits on intersections (Gilbert and Pope, Gilbert and Central,
> Gilbert and Laurel): drivers that are not looking; drivers / pedestrians
> that think its a four-way stop.
> - Driving through the stop sign at Marmona and Gilbert - people can
> just miss it altogether.
> - Hard / dangerous to cross Gilbert during commute hours. The flow of
> traffic can be continuous at that time and its hard to cross the street
> - Hard / dangerous to exit our driveway during commute hours.
> The topic of speeding at Gilbert came up in a recent online conversations
> and two of the options mentioned were speed bumps (tables, slots, etc), and
> Stop signs.
> Stop signs seems the simplest, most obvious solution to try first. What
> is the process for requesting new Stop signs on a Menlo Park street? I’d
> like to share that information with the people in the online forum.
> Thanks very much
> - Eduardo Pelegri-Llopart
Received on Wed Dec 02 2015 - 09:32:56 PST

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