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Re: Commute hours cut-through traffic on Woodland and Hamilton/East Crescent

From: domainremoved <Jim>
Date: Tue, 24 Nov 2015 20:27:42 -0800


Thank you for your respectful reply. I agree that this issue is a number
one topic, but I honestly don't see any realistic solutions being proposed
that can be implemented within a few years.

I don't feel that Dumbarton Rail will help Woodland Ave very much, because
I believe that our local Palo Alto, East palo Alto and Menlo Park jams are
seldom caused by backups on the bridge. See the now-typical Thursday 5:20
PM backup pattern at https://goo.gl/3K3fwY.

One effective lever is to change the economics of commuting and parking.

On Nextdoor, a Willows resident recently contributed a workable and
immediately usable idea:

...one [idea] that's actually doable right now: the City could offer free
Dumbarton Express passes for low-income workers.

Palo Alto did a survey on which workers drive and from where. The workers
taking Willow to the Dumbarton bridge are heavily restaurant, retail, and
hospitality workers. (Here's the survey data:http://goo.gl/eNZeg0

Stanford has had a lot of success getting their East Bay workers to switch
to the bus. They gave out free passes and actually paid SamTrans to add
additional service. Now, the Dumbarton Express looks pretty crowded at rush
hour, and every full bus takes 20 or more cars off the road. Menlo Park
(or, more importantly, Palo Alto) could offer the same deal to workers.

Let's focus on things that can be done within one to three years.

Warm regards,

- Jim
Received on Tue Nov 24 2015 - 20:30:30 PST

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