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RE: New policy needed for trimming trees along the creek?

From: Henry, Brian P <"Henry,>
Date: Mon, 23 Nov 2015 14:40:11 -0800

Hi Jim,

Thank you for your concern regarding the trees on Woodland Ave. As you may know, the City has completed significant work to clear down trees and overgrown vegetation in the creek to prepare for storm season. In continuing this effort, routine maintenance tree pruning is being performed on street trees within the right of way on Woodland Ave. This pruning is being done in accordance with ISA Standards and includes structural pruning, crown raising and crown cleaning.

Maintenance pruning is occurring on the backside (creek side) of the trees in addition to raising for vehicular clearance over the street. In some cases, the trees are located on a slope, so raising the canopy to a consistent height around the entire tree (i.e. matching the clearance pruning of the street side to the canopy on the creek side.) could result in negative outcomes. It would exceed the ISA standard of removing no more than 25% of the live crown during one growing season, which predisposes the tree to opportunistic pest and diseases, dieback, limb, root and whole tree failure.

Trees provide many storm water control benefits and we are working to maintain a healthy, riparian forest along the creek. I am available to meet with you on site to further discuss your concerns or address any additional tree issues.

Thanks, Brian

Brian Henry
Dept of Public Works
City of Menlo Park

From: councilmember.keith_at_(domainremoved)
Sent: Monday, November 23, 2015 11:15 AM
To: Jim Wiley
Cc: Bonner, Christian R; Taylor, Charles W; Fernando Bravo; Stillman, Ann; Henry, Brian P; Carlton, M.Catherine; David Pine; Kevin Murray; McIntyre, Alex D; _CCIN; Len Materman
Subject: Re: New policy needed for trimming trees along the creek?

Hi Jim,

Thank you for your email. Brian, I would appreciate your response to the concerns raised by Jim. Thank you.

On Monday, November 23, 2015, Jim Wiley <jim.wiley_at_(domainremoved)

As San Francisquito Creek JPA Board Chair, you are very aware of all
the efforts being taken to minimize the risk of flooding this winter.

Today, the City of Menlo Park is engaged in trimming the trees along
the creek in such a manor that it increases the chances for flooding.
In specific, they are trimming creekside tree branches over Woodland
Ave. without trimming any weight off the creek side of the tree. When
the street side of these trees are repeatedly trimmed and never the
creek side, the trees becomes unbalanced and when the soil becomes
saturated, eventually fall into the creek. As you are aware, trees
falling into the creek is a major problem during flooding events.

Please implement a policy that any trimming of trees between a street
and the creek be done in a manor that keeps the trees in balance so
that they will not fall into the creek.

Warm regards,

- Jim Wiley
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