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Lyle Park Bathroom Recommendations

From: domainremoved <Rachel>
Date: Mon, 16 Nov 2015 11:08:56 -0800

RE: Lyle Park Bathroom Recommendations

Monday, November 16, 2015

Dear Dr. Cherise Brandell & Staff,

As Menlo Park residents and frequent users of Lyle Park we want to say *thank
you* for the gates on the fence around the playground and *thank you* for
the pending bathrooms! We appreciate the meeting for public input that was
held this past Tuesday at the Arrillaga Center. As we’ve pondered and
discussed with other frequent users of the park about the bathroom, we’ve
come up with a few things to consider during the planning.

*Place Bathroom on Rosener House* – We support placing the bathroom on the
back of Rosener House (see attached picture), facing the playground. This
is easy access for those on the field and those in the park, it keeps the
pathways open and (critically!) does not block line of sight for parents
that have one child in the playground and one playing on the grassy
field. Avoiding
an additional free-standing structure is also much more aesthetic for the
neighbors whose homes face the park.

*NO Automatic Toilets, please* – While not an issue for adults, many young
children are terrified of automatic toilets. The toilets are loud and
unpredictable, which brings many children to tears. The most common way to
block the sensor is to put toilet paper over the sensor before the child
enters the stall. This wastes toilet paper and ends up on the floor.
flush toilets and the use of water saving no-flush urinals would be
preferable to automatic flush.

*Child Sized Toilets* – Handicap sized toilets are too large for
children. Children
can actually fall in. Please, have either a low toilet or a child-sized
toilet in addition to the handicap seat. In the men’s room a low urinal is
recommended or a floor urinal.

*Paper Towel Option* – At Tuesday’s meeting we saw an option for automatic
hand dryers. These also terrify many young children for the same reasons
as the automatic toilet – loud and unpredictable. Please, include a paper
towel option, similar to the bathrooms at Nealon Park.

*Baby Changing Table & Bathroom Child Holder
<http://bathfixerinc.com/baby-in-the-bathroom/bat_kidholder1_2013-3-21/>* –
A baby-changing table is imperative, and the ability for caregivers with
babies to use the bathroom is imperative as well. The restroom needs to be
either large enough to hold a double stroller *or* Bathroom Child Holder
http://bathfixerinc.com/baby-in-the-bathroom/bat_kidholder1_2013-3-21/ )
need to be installed so a caregiver can be hands free long enough to use
the bathroom themselves. We recommend installing two (2) bathroom child
holders in each bathroom as so many caregivers/parents have multiple little
ones with them during the day.

*Drinking Fountain* – A drinking fountain should be placed near the
bathrooms. The one drinking fountain at Lyle Park is near the soccer field
and not easily accessible (due to gate placement) to the playground.

*Gate to the Bathroom* – Please, place a gate in the fence around the
playground close to the bathroom for easy access.

*Picnic Tables* – There is one picnic table at Lyle Park and during usable
hours it is in full sun. It would be wonderful to have some adult and
child sized picnic tables under the shade of the beautiful spreading tree
near the soccer field (adjacent to the sand pit).

Thank you for considering these points during the planning process. Lyle
Park is a neighborhood treasure. Your hard work and dedication to our park
is appreciated!


Rachel & Knute Ream

315 Hermosa Way

Menlo Park, CA 94025


Katianne Annison

1740 Holly Avenue

Menlo Park, CA 94025

Heather & Jason Brinkerhoff

1341 Mills Street #1

Menlo Park, CA 94025

Karen Castagna

1131 Werth Avenue

Menlo Park, CA 94025

Katie & Andy Davis

960 Middle Avenue

Menlo Park, CA 94025

Amy & Bill Moore

1840 Oak Avenue

Menlo Park, CA


Reija & Bob Rawle

1016 Middle Avenue #2

Menlo Park, CA 94025

Katy Rees

723 Fremont Street

Menlo Park, CA 94025

Sarah Speakman & Marshall Haines

305 Sherwood Way

Menlo Park, CA 94025

Amy & Colin Sturt

241 Princeton Rd.

Menlo Park, CA 94025

attachments: Two (2) picture of suggested bathroom location on the back of
Rosener House.


Barbara Kalt, Director of Rosener House Adult Day Services
Marianne Palefsky, Chair of Parks & Recreation Commission

Menlo Park City Council

(image/jpeg attachment: IMG_9862.JPG)

(image/jpeg attachment: IMG_9864.JPG)

Received on Mon Nov 16 2015 - 11:11:06 PST

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