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Support for Peninsula Clean Energy

From: domainremoved <Diane>
Date: Tue, 10 Nov 2015 16:21:30 -0700

Dear Mayor Carleton and City Council Members,
I am writing on behalf of Menlo Spark in support of the City of Menlo Park
joining Peninsula Clean Energy (PCE), aiming for as much renewable energy
content as possible, with a goal of reaching 100% renewables in the short
term, and without raising costs to consumers. Menlo Spark is an
independent nonprofit working towards climate neutrality for Menlo Park, a
cornerstone measure of which is clean power.
Climate change has been in the news a lot lately as we approach the
international climate negotiations in Paris next month (COP21). Last
Friday, as you have likely heard, the President took bold action, rejecting
the massive tar sands oil pipeline, Keystone XL, noting that: ³America is
now a global leader when it comes to taking serious action to fight climate
This is exactly the type of leadership we need, and it is most meaningful
when itıs supported by local leadership as well. Cities like Menlo Park are
in a great position to lead the way on the most important climate actions,
like clean power. Clean power is the single most important step a city can
take to lower its carbon footprint and get on a path to sustainability.
Bringing clean grid power to Menlo Park is an essential step to reaching our
2020 climate goals adopted a few years ago. Fortunately, it appears that
PCE can deliver roughly 80% renewable power at no additional cost; and this
is the minimum that it will take to ensure that Menlo Park reaches its
climate goals by 2020.
Menlo Park has the opportunity to show climate leadership by joining PCE as
a founding member. As an early leader, this will allow Menlo Park to ensure
the cleanest, lowest carbon power possible through this program. We hope
the City will move forward swiftly to join the County PCE program and bring
in as much clean, renewable energy as possible.
Weıre grateful for your leadership and engagement on PCE, for the hard work
of staff evaluating the program, and for the in depth review and guidance of
the Environmental Quality Commission, recommending this clean energy
Diane Bailey

Diane Bailey | Executive Director
Visit us: www.MenloSpark.org <http://www.menlospark.org/>
Find us on Facebook
Follow us on Twitter <https://twitter.com/MenloSpark2025>
Climate Neutral for a Healthy, Prosperous Menlo Park

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Received on Tue Nov 10 2015 - 16:23:31 PST

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