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Re: New State-of-the-Art Menlo-Ravenswood Bike Corridor Proposal

From: domainremoved <Bill>
Date: Wed, 4 Nov 2015 12:34:15 -0800


I really like your idea of a separated two-way bike lane on Ravenswood
and bicycle lanes on Menlo Ave, but having spent several years
advocating for safer bicycling in Menlo Park, I believe your plan will
take a long time to approve and great effort and expense to implement.
It is a worthy project to consider, and parts of it I would personally

I would not, however, support delaying or stopping the Bicycle
Commission's proposal to pilot Oak Grove Ave as a east-west bicycle
corridor in the very near term which can be implemented quickly and at
low cost. The Bicycle Commission's plan and your plan are not mutually

I use the Menlo/Ravenswood corridor by bicycle daily to access the
Burgess complex, as do many others including M-A High School students,
and feel your urgency to make this a safer corridor. I have asked City
staff what might be done quickly to improve safety on this corridor, but
answers have been difficult to find.

In the meantime, M-A continues to grow its student body (by 25% over the
next few years) and is under a TMP to contain automobile traffic to its
campus. They just approved the addition of 150 new bicycle parking
racks on the campus at the corner of Oak Grove Ave and Middlefield Rd as
part of the overall plan.

To help M-A accommodate and encourage mode shift towards non-motorized
options, and to get something done quickly to make our large and growing
community of folks that choose the bicycle for transportation around
town, the Bicycle Commission is proposing a lower stress, lower traffic
bicycle corridor pilot on Oak Grove Ave for east-west connection across
ECR, and University Ave for north-south transport. We would greatly
value your support on this project.

The Bicycle Commission's proposal will go a long way, and quickly,
towards moving Menlo Park in the right direction.

Best regards, Bill
Bill Kirsch
Chair, Menlo Park Bicycle Commission

On 11/4/15 8:12 AM, dana hendrickson wrote:
> All:
> As a resident of Meno Park, I request that the City Council, staff and
> volunteer commissions review and consider the enclosed proposal to
> improve the safety and comfort of EXISTING and FUTURE bike riders who
> prefer the convenience of using the Menlo-Ravenswood bike corridor.
> You now have two alternatives for improving "east-west bike
> connectivity", and I hope you will carefully evaluate and compare both
> and share your findings will all residents and proactively seek their
> feedback.
> As in the past, I invite you to discuss my ideas at your convenience.
> Best regards,
> Dana Hendrickson
> Editor
> Re-Imagine Menlo Park
Received on Wed Nov 04 2015 - 12:36:05 PST

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