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Nealon Dog Park

From: domainremoved <SANDY>
Date: Tue, 3 Nov 2015 12:48:20 -0800

Dear Council Members and City Staff,

  First, thank you for the thankless job you do for our city.

  I am quite incensed about the decision to turn open multi-use space in Nealon Park into a single use closed space for use as a dog park.
I was not aware of even the idea of this before I read about it in reference to a meeting to discuss its amenities.
I was never given an opportunity to view the data from which this choice and decision was made: was there even a survey, and if there was, who was solicited, what were the questions, what were the results?
what activities will be displaced in favor of a single activity that serves only a subset of dog owners?
what impact reports were developed, including
impact on the nearby property owners ambient noise level?
impact on nearby property values?
impact on the nearby pre-school?
environmental impact:
were any impact reports made public?
Did this come to council for discussion/vote and if it did:
when was it?
where was the agenda announced?
who voted for? who voted against?

I think this incredibly unfair, and is a big mistake:
it imposes a hardship on nearby residents and established businesses
it removes a multi-use public facility and replaces it with a single use facility benefitting a small subset of our population who happen to have an interest in off-leash dog activities.
it is a mis-use of public finds to benefit a special interest group
I know the use of the ball fields part-time has its expenses and challenges, but THAT solution took public property and made it MORE useful by allowing enjoyment for other uses than baseball. The proposed solution takes public property and makes it LESS useful than it is now.
I have heard that $250,000 was allocated to this park; this is an insane waste of money, again, to benefit a special interest group.

Dog parks are a good thing but any new such parks should not reduce activities by other legitimate interests and should not be located in places that impact residents unless residents have a voice. My voice, and I suspect many others, has not been heard. Someone must have thought this was a good decision. I ask that the City expose the data and the process by which this decision was made.

I look forward to a reply. If you like you can email me directly or you can post it publicly.
Sandy Napel
E-mail: snapel_at_(domainremoved)
Received on Tue Nov 03 2015 - 12:50:10 PST

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