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Lane Partners Project; Alma Street. Needs Review

From: domainremoved <>
Date: Mon, 2 Nov 2015 22:47:17 +0000

2 November 2015
Re. Lane Partners Development at 1010 – 1026  Alma Street
Dear Menlo Park Planning Commissioners,
Please consider the following comments in your deliberations:
1. The proposed development has resulted in the razing of establishments          that have long served residents of Menlo Park. The loss of the charming restaurant,          Iberia, and of its companion delicatessen, is particularly disconcerting. 
2. What is the traffic impact of the development ? It appears to me that the          neighboring intersections are likely already at level F LOS.  The Middlefield Avenue segment between Ravenswood and Willow Road is extraordinarily  congested at rush hour; Willow Road from Middlefield to 101 is unpassable. 
        The Planning Commission should take the trouble to publicize the traffic implications  of every new major development; and do it in such a way that City residents have a clear idea of  what is being proposed. A city-sponsored mailer, paid for by developers, would do wonders in opening  the public’s eyes and in bringing much-need public scrutiny to bear.  Such a mailer should also, in fairness, include effect of any mandated additional high-density housing on traffic and        on our schools.
3. Does the project have sufficient internal parking for all employees and visitors ?        If not, what measures are contemplated to keep overflow parking from encroaching onto nearby residential               neighborhoods ?
4. Office space in downtown Palo Alto and Menlo Park rents at ~$7.60 and $6.00 per square foot.         At 25,156 square feet, and using the $6.00 P.S.F. number, this works out to a monthly rental income of ~$151, 000. Lane Partners now propose to raise their one-time payment to the City from ~180K to ~$185K – about 1.5 months’         rental income.  Who are they kidding ?
        As a long-time resident of Menlo Park, I am troubled by the nature of these negotiations.  Developers are making proposals, then returning to the City to nibble upwards their projects.   All the while, the adverse effect on residents’ quality of life, availability of quality local shopping and dining,  and ease of transport is no-where set out in transparent fashion.                                                               Our downtown is fast becoming a traffic-clogged concrete office complex and a developers’ paradise, and our  residential areas inundated with commuters.
Please do not approve enlargement of the Lane Partners project. Do require the project to be equipped with quality retail and dining establishments; and to be sized so that it is not a burden on residents.

Ross WilsonWoodland Avenue. 
Received on Mon Nov 02 2015 - 14:49:20 PST

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