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Fwd: Nealon Dog Park update: information flyer (my creation) + link to survey currently being circulated (by unknown source)

From: domainremoved <Elizabeth>
Date: Sun, 1 Nov 2015 09:14:02 -0700

Menlo Park needs a destination dog park (Bayfront? Flood? Sharon Heights?
Burgess?) and if the City really wants to solve the problem, let the every
park have off leash for two hours - self policed by dog owners. Why should
the city spend 250K on a full-time dog park that abuts any homes? For those
of us who live near the current dog park in Nealon the constant barking
(yes, you can hear it from inside my house,) - dog fights - and dog
owners/professional dog walkers who simply ignore the rules. Nealon is NOT
an optimal place for a dog park - it simply is not. The dog park in Nealon
ignores the City's own barking dog noise ordinance.

Nealon has the most number of residents surrounding the park of any park in
Menlo Park - and has the most uses of any non-pool park in MP with the
smallest footprint for such activities. Most dog park users drive to
Nealon; add to that traffic from the Stanford development and there will be
gridlock on Middle and University (already at Middle and University -
backed up for blocks during commute.) It's no place for a ground water well
for a private golf course, it's no place for cell phone towers - it's a
place for a nursery school and small children, and Little House, ball field
and tennis courts, it's NOT the place for a dog park.

If this is about using the grass for another purpose - shouldn't residents
and current park users be given alternatives for what this space could /
should be used for? How about an adult circuit training area?

Before you take up dedicated open space for a small group please consider
the impacts to the residents who will have to live with the noise and smell
for more than the 15 minutes the average visit to a dog park lasts... and
really there are better ways to spend 250K - for example more block parties
and concerts downtown that serves all residents.

Elizabeth Houck
Received on Sun Nov 01 2015 - 08:15:45 PST

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