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133 Encinal Avenue recommendations

From: domainremoved <Larry>
Date: Thu, 29 Oct 2015 16:29:38 -0700

Dear Council members,

As a member of the Planning Commission, I voted at our last meeting with 6 other Commissioners to recommend approval of the new development at 133 Encinal Avenue (former Roger Reynolds Nursery site). I had 3 concerns about the architecture that were not incorporated into the final approved motion, so I'd like to express those to the City Council for consideration before your review:

1. Street elevation of Building A: while the architect and developer have done a nice job with the facade of this building facing Encinal Avenue, it is still a 3-story building and I have some concern about the overall massing. Ideally, the upper part of the building would step back from the lower floors.

2. Side elevation of Building G: the side of this 3-story building will be visible driving down Encinal Avenue from El Camino Real. Unfortunately, this is a large, 3-story flat wall without much articulation, and is not as successful as the sides of Buildings E & F, which face the same direction. I recommend that the applicant take a closer look at the West side of Building G.

3. Kneebraces: The roof structures of most of the buildings are supported with kneebraces. In my opinion, this detail with squared-off 6x8 members is a little "chunky" and could use some refinement. Although this is relatively minor, this detail predominates the project.

4. I recommend keeping Building H (a small, 1-story community building) as part of the project. But that opinion was not shared by all of the Commission.

Larry Kahle
Received on Thu Oct 29 2015 - 16:31:23 PDT

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