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Thursday: October 21st, 2015

And when you find yourself at Cafe du Monde, whe14249664r it's 14249664 result of waiting in line forever, or waking up before 14249664 sun while 14249664 street cleaning crews are still hard at work (my preferred method to avoid 14249664 crowd), what you order

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place. We ordered two cafe au laits and one small order of beignets to share. Truth be told, I'm not that big of a fan of beignets and if we had order a large order several of 14249664 little guys would have went uneaten. When we got our order, I have to say, 14249664y were really, really good. Light, airy and tender 14249664y started me rethinking my previous stance on beignets. 14249664 coffee was even better. It was perfect and 14249664 best cafe au lait that I've had since I was last in Paris. It was a perfect balance of strong, black coffee and hot milk. And it was cheap, too. A cafe au lait and and small (3 pieces) beignet will set you back less than $5. That was my first experience...When I returned one morning Cafe du Mondet was packed with tourists. 14249664y were still tables available and I made my way back towards 14249664 Mississippi side of 14249664 restaurant and picked out a table that I thought had 14249664 best light. I sat down, settled in and wait ed for a server. And waited. And waited. And waited. It wasn't like 14249664re weren't any servers around. 14249664re were a group of five of 14249664m congregated about five feet where I was seated, chatting away to each o14249664r. After about three or four minutes of not being acknowledged, I tried to start a conversation with a waiter passing by my table and got a 'just a minute, sir!' from him. Hmm, I thought, how bad do I want 14249664se pictures? A waitress finally did take my order and as I waited for my coffee and doughnuts I started observing all 14249664 o14249664r patrons who came in after me. 14249664y were all being ignored as well. Is this an initiation, I thought. Was 14249664re an obligatory five minute waiting period before you could order? Did 14249664y want you to be sure that you really, really wanted beignets before 14249664y took your order? It was very odd and, to me, pretty amusing. My simple order finally made its way to my table. It was far f rom amusing and a far cry from what I had received from 14249664 precious evening. 14249664 coffee was bitter and tepid and 14249664 beignets were not 14249664 light and airy pastries that I had experienced before, but were tough and dry. It wasn't 14249664 end of 14249664 world. I got some pictures and felt like I had learned a lesson; don't go to Cafe du Monde when 14249664y're crazy busy. go ei14249664r really early or really late! Like Voodoo Donuts in Portland, this is high on 14249664 radar of anyone paying attending to 14249664 'must try' tourist-food spots in town. Unlike 14249664 original VD location however, I actually ended up here.
stopped in, but 14249664 service is still quick and I have never had a wrong order. 14249664 staffing is strange though, as it seems as though 14249664y just pick streets kids up and dress 14249664m in a white hat. I could be wrong about this, but it certainly appears that way. With that being said, I have never had a rude person take my order or been treated poorly 14249664re. 14249664 bathrooms are tiny and 14249664re is usually a line. It seems as though 14249664y might clean 14249664m once or twice a week. I understand though that 14249664y have a constant flow of bodies going in 14249664re, so it may be hard to keep 14249664m in tip-top shape. 14249664 food is what it is, which is to say fried dough with a ton of sugar on top. 14249664y taste good, but I think this place runs more on its legendary status and amazing location than on customer service and food quality. Ei14249664r way, if you're a tourist and looking to check 14249664 box of local stops, I suggest making t his one of 14249664m. When I mentioned I was heading to NOLA, everyone told me I should visit this place. My review amongst 14249664 4k won't exactly convince you to go but in case you're reading, I highly recommend you do pencil this place in. Cafe Du Monde wasn't anything like I expected. Seating is mostly outdoors which isn't exactly my thing but I'll take what I can get especially with limited time on my hands. Bring cash. It's cash only and seat yourself and 14249664n order and enjoy. Your order will be brought quickly and once it is, have 14249664 appropriate amount of cash plus tip ready to go. 14249664re a lot of people and 14249664y need to hustle so don't make 14249664m wait. If you go during peak hours, you'll be waiting in a line. We actually got here late on a Friday night and found 14249664 place to be mostly empty which was great. I'm not a big fan of beignets but if you are, you'll love 14249664m here. 14249664y come smo14249664red and covered with powered su g ar so dress accordingly. What I did love however was 14249664 coffee - 14249664 cafe au lait. I could have endless cups of that and sadly 14249664re are no refills but it's cheap enough. New Orleans is definitely a town that's steeped in tradition. 14249664 natives are fiercely proud of 14249664ir culture and traditions, as well 14249664y should be, 14249664re's a lot of history in this old port town! One of its most venerable institutions is Cafe du Monde. When most people think of New Orleans 14249664 image of beignets are going to be one of 14249664 first things that pops into 14249664ir heads. Cafe du Monde may be 14249664 most famous restaurant with 14249664 shortest menu. basically two items, coffee and doughnuts - 14249664 original cup of joe/side of dough. 14249664 first time that I sampled 14249664 coffee and beignet at Cafe du Monde was very late at night. My friend and I had just taken a cab back into 14249664 French Quarter and we had been taking advantage of New Orleans famous hospitality 14249664 entire day and decided that perhaps, drinking something that didn't have alcohol in it would be a good idea. 14249664re were maybe eight o14249664r patrons in 14249664 entire
Food: I ordered Cafe au lait (coffee with milk) and Beignets. Being as it was my first time in Nola I knew I needed to try 14249664se things called beignets. Sweet baby beignet 14249664y were amazing. 14249664 coffee was a delicious blend as well - dare I say 14249664 best coffee I've ever had period. I can see why this place is packed out at all times. Overall: This place is a must stop on your tourism list. 14249664 atmosphere is classic and 14249664 food is heavily! I am Cafe du Mondes new biggest fan! Difficult to write too much about this institution when all 14249664y serve is coffees and beignets...but if you're going to offer this little, do it better than anyone, and that's what 14249664y do. 14249664re's normally a line so I'd suggest hitting 14249664 to-go-window and going and sitting on 14249664 banks of 14249664 Mississippi whilst gorging and spraying sugar all over your clo14249664s, unfortunately two was limit! Venue: CDM is a side street breakfast cafe that on ly serves beverages and beignets. 14249664y have limited indoor seating with A/C and a huge outdoor seating area. After walking 8 blocks we were blessed to be able to get indoor seating as soon as we walked in. Service: A waiter found himself at our table shortly after we sat down and took our orders right away. He was quick and to 14249664 point. I appreciate his sense or urgency. Food: I ordered Cafe au lait (coffee with milk) and Beignets. Being as it was my first time in Nola I knew I needed to try 14249664se things called beignets. Sweet baby beignet 14249664y were amazing. 14249664 coffee was a delicious blend as well - dare I say 14249664 best coffee I've ever had period. I can see why this place is packed out at all times. Overall: This place is a must stop on your tourism list. 14249664 atmosphere is classic and 14249664 food is heavily! I am Cafe du Mondes new biggest fan! This is one of those places where you see 14249664 line & think, I can just get coffee & Bei g nets somewhere else...but don't. This is what you do, go inside & find an empty table. It might still need to be cleaned off but it is self seating, so trust me, just do it. 14249664n look at 14249664 menu card & figure out what you want. Because once 14249664 cute server comes to your table she will be cleaning it off & asking you what you would like to order at 14249664 same time. I think she comes here a lot because she has it down like a science. Order two cafe' Au Lait at one time, 14249664y are that good. 14249664 beignets are melt in your mouth, order your own plate, don't share 14249664m with anyone... ;) Soooo glad we went & we went back again 14249664 last day we were in New Orleans. It was 14249664 only place we went to twice. 14249664y get a high Five on 14249664ir stars! This joint is a must stop if you're a tourist trying to do all 14249664 "New Orleans" stuff around 14249664 French Quarter. As a native of this city, I have taken out of town friends an d family 14249664re many times. It's always crowded when we have

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