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menlo park parking changes

From: domainremoved <Taylor>
Date: Tue, 20 Oct 2015 17:48:24 -0700

My name is Taylor Stevens and I work for Alys Grace in downtown Menlo Park
as a store manager and manager of online operations.

I've lived most of my twenty-six years in Menlo Park and I’ve worked in
downtown Menlo Park the past three years.

This e-mail is meant to address the potential changes in parking options
and time limitations.

Increasing the time limit to three hours in parking lots (two hours for
street parking) will only encourage consumers to come to Menlo Park for
their everyday needs, shopping, or lunch and coffee dates (hopefully more
than a two hour excursion). In retail, one of our favorite expressions is,
“the customer always comes first” and that should be no different for Menlo
Park; the customer (customer: patron who chooses to shop in Menlo Park)
comes first. A hair appointment, followed by a lunch and shopping date with
a friend can take up a good portion of the day and the thought of moving
one’s car to a different parking lot every two hours only sours the
experience. Friendly reminder – it is a good thing to have a person spend
an entire day downtown; rigid parking restrictions, only discourage this.

Let’s be honest with ourselves, Menlo Park is struggling to compete with
cities like Palo Alto, Los Altos and Burlingame. Although I don’t believe
parking will completely impact our popularity, we most definitely do not
want parking restrictions to turn away any possible patron.

I am also aware of the recent movement to encourage Menlo Park residents to
walk or bike downtown for their everyday needs. And don’t get me wrong, I
think this would be a massive environmental success and completely
supported. But can we be realistic for a moment… not everyone is within
walking or biking distance to downtown nor do they always have the time to
walk or bike. Not to mention, how do you carry a week’s worth of groceries,
prescriptions and an additional boutique shopping bag on your bike or

I truly think the extra hour of parking will make a great impact,
especially for the patrons that truly want to continue to shop local. Let’s
view this potential change as something positive rather than anything

Now, on to what I believe is the greater issue at hand and what might
possibly solve the majority of the parking concerns.

Menlo Park needs to offer more options to the employees of downtown

As a young adult, I need every cent I make. And I cannot begin to tell you
the frustration I feel when some of my hard earned “cents” must go towards
a parking ticket. It makes me angry, sad and disappointed that I sometimes
have to “pay” to work hard and support a local business and small city.

Menlo Park employees are trying to maintain the livelihood of the city and
without reasonable parking options, employees feel a lack of support and
respect from the community. I am stuck either moving my car every two
hours, paying for parking daily (I am a full time employee) or parking
farther away on side streets that don’t necessarily appreciate the influx
of cars in the neighborhood.

Menlo Park needs to find a solution; whether that is designating parking
spaces or permits to each local business, bringing down the cost of the
annual parking permit or creating a parking lot entirely for local

Menlo Park needs to not only show support for local businesses but also for
the employees of those local businesses.

Perhaps, if there were better parking options for employees, there wouldn’t
be as much concern over time limits or congestion within the parking lots.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Taylor Stevens
Received on Tue Oct 20 2015 - 17:49:20 PDT

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