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About that parking decision....let's make it work for everyone

From: domainremoved <Cindy>
Date: Wed, 21 Oct 2015 00:39:42 +0000

Hello Council-

Thank you for your time and commitment to making Menlo Park a great city.

I understand many business owners and some constituents would like extended "free" parking in downtown Menlo Park. Theoretically more people will come to downtown and stay longer to spend more money. "Free" parking isn't actually free. All of the tax payers pay for that incredibly valuable space that cars are parked on for "free".

I propose that if you want to allow people to stay longer than we already allow for free, they pay a fair price for it. That way you still encourage turn over of spaces, but people who want or need to stay longer can easily pay metered parking prices for that privilege. The money we collect could then be used to fund downtown improvements.

We do not want to make a change that results in unintended consequences as outlined in the staff report:
enticing more employees to park in spaces intended for customers

We actually should be managing our parking and circulation using some kind of principles to achieve the goals and objectives that make sense for a family friendly city. All plazas could charge for extended time so people can avoid getting parking tickets. The solution to getting parking tickets is to make it convenient to pay for extended time.

Thank you-
Cindy Welton
Vice Chair, Menlo Park Bicycle Commission
Received on Tue Oct 20 2015 - 17:41:07 PDT

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