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Parking plaza #4 time limits

From: domainremoved <Richard>
Date: Tue, 20 Oct 2015 17:00:48 -0700

Dear Honorable Mayor and City Council Members,

Approximately 75% of parking plaza #4's usage is for grocery shoppers.
Peet's Coffee and Pharmaca also heavily depend upon this plaza. Draeger's
customers with very few exceptions are able to conduct their activities
within a 1 hour time frame. For the few that require more time, the 2 hour
spaces provide the solution. If one were to look at the 1 hour component of
the total parking supplied, it represents 50% with the remainder being 2
hours. In other words, the average time allowed is 1.5 hours. Changing the
time allowed to 3 hours would effectively reduce parking availability by

This parking plaza is already one of the most heavily used in the Central
Business District. Those parkers that need longer time limits, have them
available in the adjacent Plaza #5, a short walk away.

I met personally with your parking director several months ago and
discussed this matter while touring the plaza. I am seriously concerned
that 3 hour parking would be "gamed" and turn into all day parking for the
abusers due to the complexities of managing when shoppers are allowed to
re-park for afternoon activities when they have already parked for morning
activities. Many all day users would rather avoid purchasing parking
permits and are highly motivated to re-park in other plazas. Changing time
limits to 3 hours from 2 hours, facilitates more of this form of abuse.

Please do not change the Plaza #4 time limits.

Respectfully yours,

Richard A. Draeger
Received on Tue Oct 20 2015 - 17:01:43 PDT

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