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City Government Transparency

From: domainremoved <George>
Date: Thu, 24 Sep 2015 17:32:35 -0700

Mayor Carlton and council members:

I suggest you direct Staff to file and disclose the agenda and any
recommendations and supporting information for the October 6, 2015 council
meeting by September 29, 2015. Staff preparation time will be available as
there is no need to prepare for the cancelled September 29 meeting.

The October 6, 2015 meeting is scheduled to include action upon revised
general plan circulation and land use elements and M2 zoning, and perhaps
EIR scope for the revised General Plan. The agenda for these significant
issues was submitted by staff along with over 200 pages of general comment
at 11 PM Thursday prior to the Planning commissions Monday meeting. There
was insufficient time for the planning commission to review, much less the
public or press, and lack of clarity what the planning commission was to do
other than generate comments for your October 6 meeting.

 Recommendations and supporting documentation needs more lead time prior to
the October 6, 2015 meeting for non transparent consideration by the City
Council. Last minute disclosure of staff or consultant recommendations, if
any, on such important matters as the General Plan revision is unreasonable
to everyone.

Thank You, George C. Fisher

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