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Sacred Heart Prep's new bike coalition

From: domainremoved <Dana>
Date: Mon, 21 Sep 2015 15:20:45 -0700

Hello City Council Members of Atherton and Menlo Park!
I am a teacher at Sacred Heart Prep who wants to fill you in on what SHP has begun this year. We (those cc’d) have established a new “SHP Bike Coalition” to bring more awareness to alternative transportation methods (we are bike-focused but are not exclusive - walkers, train riders and carpoolers can benefit too :)) on campus for many reasons:

To minimize our contribution to local traffic during the school year
To raise awareness for global benefits of alternative transportation
To encourage exercise
To encourage a more “calm” method of getting to a destination
To celebrate and reward students and faculty/staff who make an effort to use alternate forms of transport.

Here at SHP we have late start days about twice/month. These late start days go by the acronym EMFM (officially for “Early Morning Faculty Meetings”) and we have decided to work with these late start days for the students and make them officially unofficial “Every Means For Mother-Earth” days. This means every EMFM we offer a drawing for anyone who has used an alternate method of transport that day to win some fun swag. We’ve given away iTunes gift cards, biking safety gear, SHP t-shirts and candy/food and have had an amazing turnout thus far!

Our Operations group (led by Mike Dwyer and Debbie Martinez, cc’d here) have done a fabulous job of encouraging alternate forms of transport - we even have a form that students/faculty/staff can fill out so that we all get scannable stickers for our bikes - the goal is to track biking over the months/years to use the data to potentially get some funding to support biking even more!

What I’d like to ask of Menlo Park and/or Atherton is to help us encourage our community to bike (and use other methods) to get to school/work. I am an avid biker myself (I ride every day!) and know that Menlo Park has supplied bike lights to commuters on the annual Bike To Work Day. If there is any chance Menlo Park can provide SHP with some of those lights (or at least the contact you use so that we could make our own??) to help keep our bikers safe as the summer wanes, that would be much appreciated. Any other swag or information is welcomed and appreciated!

On a personal note: THANK YOU for keeping the sign up on Valparaiso that says “don’t pass in bike lane” - makes me feel that much more safe when I’m riding to/from work.

Thank you so much for your time,
I’m happy to answer any questions and appreciate any feedback/guidance.

Dana Jordan | Sacred Heart Schools, Atherton | Associate Director, Center for Student Success
150 Valparaiso Avenue | Atherton, CA 94027 | (: 650.454.8498
Received on Mon Sep 21 2015 - 15:20:11 PDT

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